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    QUINTILES REVEALED: Learn how your Quintiles can positively affect personal image

    Oops, I totally messed up in that post. I was looking at the semisextiles instead of quintiles. My bad. Sorry 'bout that. :p I REALLY have: Uranus quintile Chiron Neptune quintile Chiron Jupiter quintile ASC Jupiter biquintile Lilith
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    Mercury in Sagittarius??

    I have mercury in Sagittarius too. Fun stuff. I talk too fast, I occasionally stop making sense, and I often talk about things that other people don't care about that I happen to be REALLY excited about. Like, I tell all my friends about various astrological findings in my chart or whatever, and...
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    Voice? Is it in the chart?

    I have Leo Asc/Capricorn Sun/Aquarius Moon/Sagittarius Mercury. I think all that stuff definitely shows in my voice. My voice sounds a lot like how Saturnian described her voice. Usually boyish and when I'm excited it gets pitchy, loud, with emphases on certain words. Then when I'm bored or...
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    QUINTILES REVEALED: Learn how your Quintiles can positively affect personal image

    This is fascinating stuff. I have a few quintiles in my chart. Venus quintile MC Moon quintile Uranus Moon quintile Neptune Mars quintile Chiron Saturn quintile Uranus No idea what any of them mean, since I've never attempted to look that deep into quintiles. I'm super curious now.
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    Characterists/Common Denominators

    HAIR (hair COLORS with those now gray list what your natural was too) bald thick hair medium thickness thin hair (Leo Rising, Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Venus) blonde brown (Leo Rising, Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Venus) red (Leo Rising, Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon...
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    moon conj Uranus and behavior in relationships

    Oh, my bad. I guess I should've read the first post more thoroughly. Haha. Sorry about my rant then. I think my reading skills tend to diminish in the middle of the night. :p I have uranus semisextile moon. I guess I do tend to be detached from most people. I have trouble showing emotions to...
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    Ascendant Sign Descriptions

    I'm a Capricorn Sun. Does that change anything? According to, I'm a Leo Asc but some other websites have told me that I'm a Cancer Asc. I've always thought of myself as more of a Leo Asc. Most people consider me to be egotistical rather than sensitive. Haha.
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    Anyone with a 12th House Mars?

    I have Mars in Cancer in the 12th house retrograde, at the apex of a yod. It's a pretty terrible placement, not gonna lie. I can't express my anger to anyone other than the people that are closest to me. I also used to have crazy self-esteem problems and would spend hours looking at my...
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    Ascendant Sign Descriptions

    This thread is awesome. Would you say I look more like a Leo or Cancer ASC?
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    moon conj Uranus and behavior in relationships

    I'm terrible with love relationships. I've got a 5th house pluto squaring my 8th house moon, saturn, and venus. Ouch. When I'm in a relationship with someone, I get terribly obsessive. Their existence just eats up my brain and I can't stop thinking about them. Also, since I have neptune square...
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    One of my friends has Aries ASC, along with a 6th house Libra Venus, 5th house Virgo Mercury (conj Sun and Jupiter), and 3rd house Gemini Mars trine ASC. He also has an Aquarius moon, which I usually find to be an awesome placement. I'm so jealous of his chart. Haha. He's extremely charismatic...
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    Will I get a summer job?

    So since I'm a young'un and like money, I felt the need to give in and start applying for jobs. I also went over my texting limit by 1800 texts and need to prove to my parents that I'm responsible enough to make money and hold a job. This chart baffles me. Since the ascendant is Scorpio, I am...
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    Will we ever have another chance at this relationship?

    So you're basically saying that I can make this relationship into anything I want? That's happy. Thank you for that interpretation.
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    Your Ideal Natal Chart

    My Leo Asc and Capricorn Sun make me tempted to say that my chart is perfect and any change to it would defile its integrity. I really do think that though. Although not quite with that wording. But I like my chart. I like the things I've learned and the person I've become all by living with...
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    Will we ever have another chance at this relationship?

    I didn't exactly change my mind. I still really like him as a person, but I don't really want to get back together with him. Today I talked to him and I think our relationship just had a new beginning. I apologized for being so cruel to him and thanked him for giving me the metaphorical slap in...
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    Family Resemblance

    Wow, I didn't see most of these posts until now. Weird. That's and interesting observation and definitely entirely true. My family as a whole has a plethora of skills, but only because some people have certain skills while others lack those entirely. My dad and I are both really bad at sports...
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    Art/Shameless Self-Promotion

    Sometimes I draw things. Then I like to show them to people. Must be my Leo Asc. I also really don't like drawing clothes. Haha. Salvador Dali-inspired. The moon is creepy. Ginger girl! This is kind of a self-portrait, only I don't have white hair or lips that big...and I think my nose...
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    8th house moon

    I have a stellium with the Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Ceres all in my 8th house in Aquarius, all squaring Pluto. I don't have any crazy, sad, or intense stories to share about this. My life has been pretty...well, stable. But I can definitely relate to the 8th house moon people that love their...
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    How Does Your Natal Chart React to Stress?

    I think my Sun/Jupiter square, Cap sun, and Leo Asc make me too proud to let myself get stressed. Haha. I never have any feelings of being overwhelmed by many tasks or anything since I think of each one as a separate thing. Also, I think that even if I procrastinate, I'll still produce quality...
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    Moon conjunct Venus - emotionally vunderable?

    I have that aspect, but it's also conjunct Saturn and it's all in the 8th house and squares my Scorpio Pluto. I think all that Scorpio influence along with Saturn/Venus/the Moon in there makes me really devastated by rejection, but at the same time my brain can't comprehend the fact that I've...