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    Hi. I think pisces in the 6th is only a part of it. In my opinion its an interplay of the planets here. Let me also say that in my opinion, for issues with dealing with any kind of brain activity I'd take a look at uranus for anything unusual. Third house which rules the mind. And 6th house...
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    Late marriage?

    You will meet someone significant in 2025. But try to spend less time worrying about finding a husband, and utilize all the good fortune you have from previous lifetimes. Study, Travel.. enjoy your youth.
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    please cups and rulers

    Re: 22 and jobless international jobs, a job away from your place of birth.
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    had to take my cat to the hospital—is he going to be alright?

    Sorry to hear about your kitty. I don't have horary to offer. I just trying to understand. Your cat had a laceration last week, and had surgery so I imagine there was extensive blood loss, which would have caused the anemia? NSAIDs are more gentle than the steriods they usually inject for...
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    My chart. Mentally illness in family and abuse

    First, I commend you on getting out of an abusive marriage! that is one of the most difficult things to do. And you should be very proud of yourself for doing so. It takes tremedous courage! There needs to be alot of healing after abuse. its not an easy road-- especialy when you also have a...
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    My chart. Mentally illness in family and abuse

    Re: Why am I attracted to younger men? A possible reason for this, is your 8th house cusp is in Gemini. Mercury rules youth. So Virgo and Gemini influences can lead to being attracted to younger persons. 8th rules sexuality so sexual attraction to those younger. Typically a woman, finds men...
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    Is having Accidents Fate?, badly aspected planets in 6th house stellium :S

    Just follow your passion, forget what the astrology has to say. People that are passionate about their job, are overall much happier in life. I share a mars/uranus harsh aspect and neptune in 6th. I'm accident prone if I am not paying attention. Id just recommend being careful, paying...
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Hi, I am not giving out that information for privacy reasons.
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    thats a totally different arguement, and I think you know that. I appreciate your delineation though. Regardless of the rest :sideways:
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    If you don't want to interpret chart, don't. The rest of this is totally unncessary. I am not breaking any rules here.
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Its a sensitive topic, yes. But I havent revealed names or addresses or anything personal or when it even happened. This is strictly an astrological interest in what the chart shows.
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Shouldnt we all be allowed to interpret charts using our own methods? Its not about who is right and wrong. Its the study/practice thats important. The final verdict is not going to have anything to do with astrology anyway, but what the investigators conclude. So I don't see the problem...
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Interesting take on chart.
  14. ashriia

    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Thank you for the interpretations, both were insightful.
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    Here is the best i can interpret since i dont study horary. Im the querant so im ruled by mercury. Mercury is in the 7th because its a question about someone else. My neighbor would be represented by mars 3rd house trad ruler in 5th house of children. Saturn rules 5th, and there is a conjunction...
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    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    I am curious what the chart indicates.
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    Is there anthing good in my birth chart

    If you are helping others, i think youre a survivor--not a victim. Asteriods in your chart are unecessary to see abuse of power. You have power play dynamics, that are common in victimization. But generally as we get older you can claim your power rather than having it taken from you. That is...
  18. ashriia

    Feel lost and stuck

    Saturn recently entered aquarius at the end of march. Not surprised you are feeling isolated or a bit lost. When saturn transits the ascendant there are usually significant changes made-- long lasting also. Just take it one day at a time to figure yourself out. And also don't compare...
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    What are you learning from COVID?

    I am mostly learning how to cook, what i use to buy canned. I have time so why not. I am enjoying an overall healthier diet. covid has taught me, that my OCD finally is very useful. covid has taught other people that they stand too close to strangers in public. Which is something I...
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    Did Trump get infected with Corona Virus when he met the Brazilian official?

    Trump seems sick. Lots of shortness of breath in his last address. Which is a symptom. Why would china make a virus,and infect its own people and economy to oust trump?? Why not just infect USA and keep its economy and population in tact? It doesnt make sense. China is not scared of USA...