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    Mars transit on Aries South Node

    Hi! I see that Mars will do a very long transit in Aries. He will start to retrograde when he will reach the degree of my South Node (1° orb or so). My South Node is in 6th house. It's also the apex of a yod in my chart so I guess this transit could be important for me. (South Node apex -...
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    looking for informations about sextiles of my yods

    Hi I noticed this month that I have 3 yods in my chart ._. So I'd like to understand them more. Especially the meaning of their sextiles. (I think it could help me to resolve some important issues). the three Yods are : Saturn apex - MC sextile Mercury MC apex - Neptune Sextile Saturn...
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    What happen to our spirits while we're sleeping?

    What happen to our spirits while we're sleeping, from a spiritual point of view? Do you have answers or ideas about it? Everyday before I go to bed I'm super motivated to do all kinds of things, even if my body is tired.. But when I wake up I feel disconnected from these feelings. (Even if I...
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    Unaspected planets in natal charts

    Hi Do you have stories or knowledge to tell about unaspected planets in natal charts? (no major aspects)
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    Neptune opposing natal Sun

    Hi Does anyone has experiences or advices to share about the transit of Neptune opposing natal Sun (or another planet) ? I already encountered Neptune opposing Moon a few years ago, and those years weren't a blessing for my mental health.. So, I'm a little worried. (I'll also have to face the...
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    Need help with SR interpretation please (a lot of angular planets)

    I don't know how to delete a thread
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    i need to find the guilty planet

    Hi ! Since 1 or 2 months, i lack motivation, enthousiam and desires. I thought it was this Neptune - Mercury conjunction transit.. But now the conjuction is over, and the problem still here. The more i think and analyse, the more i'm confused about who i am and what is really important for me...
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    Sun conjuncts Chiron

    Hi, in my chart I have Sun conjuncts Chiron (My Sun is in Virgo 11th House / Chiron in Libra 11th House) What do that mean?