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  1. ashriia

    Did my neighbor kill her baby

    I am curious what the chart indicates.
  2. ashriia

    Message for user GOODSOUL22

    Goodsoul22; your inbox is shut off or full(which I doubt since you're new); but I can't send you the analysis--i do also have some questions.
  3. ashriia

    Self destructing art-- Venus rx in Scorpio

    I'm sure most have seen this in the news already. But I find it hilarious. The buyer of this art, needs an astrologer.:lol: this is what venus retrograde in scorpio can look like :joyful:
  4. ashriia

    Will I get the house?

    Hi horary astrologers. Curious about what the chart indicates. This house would be a family inheritance, the house is currently owned by non family. If I get it I plan to sell it, not live in it myself. So in the chart, I'm venus in the 8th. and I'm guessing the house is an 8th house...
  5. ashriia

    Question about Parans brady pdf on astro

    Does anyone know the age ranges for -stars of your youth, stars of your prime, stars of your latter years, the hearthstone of your life? I wish that information was made clear rather than the florid language used for this, which is less than helpful when you want to apply the information researched.
  6. ashriia

    What do numbers in aspectarian refer to?

    Curious as to what the numbers that sometimes show up in the aspectarian refer to/mean? As an example, looking at an aspect :conjunct::opposition::sextile::square::trine: and so forth, sometimes there are numbers in the boxes;additionally an A appears also. What do they refer to, anyone know?
  7. ashriia

    The birthchart of a Monster - manchester terrorist.

    I'm attaching the natal chart, and progressed chart of the terrorist in manchester for the date of attack, bear in mind; time of birth is unknown so it is a noon chart. I've been looking over this chart, and thinking alot about it philosophically, like what is the purpose of a native being...
  8. ashriia

    Natal Astrology of a very long life! Jupiter + Mercury.

    Here is the natal chart of a beautiful old lady- Emma Morano, who lived to be 117! She died in April of 2017, born 1899!!!! Apparently the secret to a long life is Jupiter + Mercury, and staying single lol.:biggrin: Her chart is pretty interesting. There is a huge stellium of planets in...
  9. ashriia

    "active" declinations & prog parallels; questions.

    I'm not well versed at all with declinations and parallels. I have some astrology software; very 1980s, in that it is less visual and more data based. So i was looking at my declinations and progressed planet parallels to progressed planets. And I don't understand how this works for...
  10. ashriia

    Should I take the money?

    Hello horary astrologers. I have this question that Ive been going over a bit for about an half hour before I pulled a chart. I decided to consult a chart at 8:42pm. I have a difficult situation, I desperately want to relocate back to my home city to be near my parents. Fathers health is...
  11. ashriia

    Need Help -early Menopause related problems[graphic]

    ................deleting for privacy concerns.
  12. ashriia

    Can someone help me? - Clairaudience

    I'm looking for something on the internet, that I should have bookmarked and now can't find. So I'm asking for a bit of help.. With clairaudience, what are the two vertical lines of energy called beside the ears? there is a name for them, but I can't remember it for the life of me!:pinched:
  13. ashriia

    Karyn Kupcinet- Murder -1963

    As some regular members know I like to study astrology charts of victims and/or violent offenders. I am not really participating in the forum nowadays, due to personal reasons, but I wanted this information to be stored on the internet for anyone interested. So here we go.. I happened upon...
  14. ashriia

    1989 Missing boy. Remains found sept 1/2016

    I heard about this missing boy today, whose remains were recently found. He was born the same year as I was, so it got me thinking about if he still were alive he would have been going through his pluto square pluto transit. And I began to wonder if this is what caused his remains to be found...
  15. ashriia

    Terror Attack France - Natal chart of Killer.

    This is the natal noon chart(unknown birth time, houses are not correct) for Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel with transits for the day of the attack in Nice. Date of birth info was taken from astrodatabank. What stands out to me in the chart, most of all. Is lilith exactly square his natal sun. -...
  16. ashriia

    Research that was conducted on prostitution. Interesting results.

    I found this interesting astrological study that was conducted using the charts of career prostitutes. The results are kind of surprising, but make sense. Capricorn suns take the win for sun signs, and Venus Virgos take the win for Venus. Obviously these results wouldn't be the same for those...
  17. ashriia

    Blind Chart Reading for practice.

    This is a blind chart reading for practice. The native is not known to me personally. I was studying this chart last night and thought it would be interesting as a practice chart for the forum. There is an event that occured for the period of the transits shown, and it's ugly, so heads up on...
  18. ashriia

    Florida Nightclub shooting Sunday 6/12/2016

    I heard about this horrible shooting this morning. It's really disheartening, and so senseless. I pulled up a chart because there are always so many "why's" , why that club, why that group of people.. etc. etc. What was going on in the sky. I am waiting for birth details of the shooter to...
  19. ashriia

    Should I gamble?

    Hi Horary Folks. So I never gamble, not a gambling person really. But I tend to be quite lucky in winning prizes when I play any kind of game. I have a transit of uranus that I am waiting on to make an exact conjunction to the ruler of my ascendant. I am thinking of gambling on that day. This...
  20. ashriia

    Kitty Genovese Murder

    I was listening to the radio today and learned of the Kitty Genovese murder because her killer recently died in prison. I was really horrified by the details of her death. Particularly how there were 38 witnesses and no one helped her, even though she was shouting for help in front of her...