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  1. sven555

    Manchester City vs Lyon - 2019/2020 Champions League Quarter Finals

    Manchester City vs Lyon - Kick off 20:00 Local time (Lisbon, Portugal) ASC starts at 14'16 Aquarius, ruler of ASC Saturn sits in 12th house, whereas ruler of DSC, Sun sits in 7th at the beginning of play. First half: The transit of aspects gives the chance of a goal between the minutes of 15...
  2. sven555

    UEFA Nations League 2019 Prediction

    UEFA Nations League 2019 Winner Prediction - By sven555 and Torero Edit to this: Portugal defeated Switzerland, so now 3 teams remain. There are 4 teams which qualified for the semi finals of the inaugural Nations League. Here are the matchups: Semi finals: Portugal 3-1 Switzerland - 5th...
  3. sven555

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    More Euro 2020 Qualifying fixtures (taken from here): Northern Ireland vs Belarus -> should be a victory for Northern Ireland (testimonies favour them) Holland vs Germany -> not many testimonies, so Holland win or draw. Poland vs Latvia -> not many testimonies, but Poland should win this match...
  4. sven555

    Euro 2020 - Wales vs Slovakia

    Wales vs Slovakia - 14:00 Local time. Moon is in Scorpio still, but draw possibly is still low. Wales play in red and white, Slovakia will play in blue. Testimonies favour Wales; so i'll go for Wales to edge this. Most likely a narrow win. More predictions at: Love Light Astrology
  5. sven555

    UCL 2018/19 - Juventus vs Atletico Madrid & Man City vs Schalke

    Hey everyone, haven't posted for some time here. There are 2 Champions League 2nd leg matches today. Predictions are taken from here: -------------------------------------------------- Man City vs Schalke (3-2) -> 20:00 Local Time. Man City should have the upper had here and progress to the...
  6. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - Quarter Finals

    Taken from Love Light Astrology Uruguay(4.8) vs France(1.95) ----------------------------- Uruguay -> March 30, 1900 France -> April 7, 1919 Uruguay: Mercury trine Jupiter Rx NNode trine Moon France: Sun conjunct Moon Moon square Moon (possible) Moon conjunct Mercury Saturn Rx opposite Pluto...
  7. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 28th

    Taken from Love Light Astrology Forums Japan(2.6) vs Poland(2.9) -------------------------- Japan -> May 9, 1917 Poland -> June 25, 1911, Japan: Moon conjunct NNode Venus square Sun Uranus conjunct Mars Poland: Mercury opposite Uranus Venus sextile Moon Venus conjunct Venus Pluto Rx opposite...
  8. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 27th

    Taken from Love Light Astrology Forums Mexico(2.4) vs Sweden(3.1) ---------------------------- Mexico -> August 9, 1927 Sweden -> December 18, 1904 Mexico: Venus conjunct Sun (new) Sweden: Sun conjunct Neptune Rx (new) Venus sextile Mars (new) Jupiter Rx sextile NNode Neptune Rx sextile...
  9. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 26th

    Denmark(5) vs France(2.1) ----------------------------- Denmark -> May 18, 1889 France -> April 7, 1919 Denmark: Venus conjunct Saturn (new) Jupiter Rx trine NNode (new) Uranus conjunct Venus Pluto Rx square Uranus Rx (new) France: No real aspects ----------------------------- Ok, so France...
  10. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 25th

    Taken from: Love Light Astrology Uruguay (2.8) vs Russia (2.8) -------------------------------- Uruguay -> March 30, 1900 Russia -> August 16, 1992 Uruguay: Saturn Rx conjunct Saturn(new) NNode trine Moon(new) Russia: Venus sextile Mars(new) Venus opposite Saturn Rx(new) Neptune Rx sextile...
  11. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 24th

    Taken from: Love Light Astrology Forums England(1.22) vs Panama(17) ---------------------------- England --> October 26, 1863 Panama --> February 12, 1938 England: Sun trine Sun (possibly) Sun square Neptune Rx Venus sextile Saturn Uranus opposite Sun Panama: Venus opposite Jupiter Pluto Rx...
  12. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 23rd

    Taken from Love Light Astrology Forums Belgium(1.35) vs Tunisia(10) --------------------------------- Belgium -> September 1, 1895 Tunisia -> March 11, 1928 Belgium: Mars RX conjunct Moon Jupiter RX trine NNode (Moon possibly squaring natal Moon and sextile natal Sun) Tunisia: Moon square...
  13. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 22nd

    Taken from Love Light Astrology Forums - World Cup Thread Brazil(1.25) vs Costa Rica(15) -------------------------------- Brazil -> August 20, 1914 Costa Rica -> June 13, 1921 Brazil: Sun conjunct Pluto Moon sextile Sun Venus sextile Venus Saturn RX sextile NNode Costa Rica: Moon trine Mars...
  14. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 21st

    Taken from: Love Light Astrology Forums Denmark(2.1) vs Australia(4) ------------------------------- Denmark -> May 18, 1889 Australia -> June 17, 1922 Denmark: Uranus conjunct Venus Australia: Moon sextile Neptune Venus sextile Jupiter Mars(RX) trine Jupiter Jupiter(RX) square Neptune...
  15. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 20th

    Taken from: Love Light Astrology Forums Portugal(1.7) vs Morocco(6) ----------------------------- Portugal -> March 31, 1914 Morocco -> October 19, 1957 Portugal: Sun conjunct Pluto Mercury conjunct Mars Jupiter RX trine Mercury Morocco: No real aspects. They recently had 2 Uranus transits...
  16. sven555

    World Cup Predictions - June 19th

    Come on everyone let's do this. Predictions taken from: Love Light Astrology Forums Colombia(1.7) vs Japan(6) -------------------- Colombia -> October 12, 1924 Japan -> May 9, 1917 -------------------- Colombia: Moon square Jupiter Mercury conjunct Pluto Mars(Rx) trine Mercury Jupiter(Rx)...
  17. sven555

    UEFA Europa League Final 2018

    UEFA Europa League Final 2018 Marseille vs Atletico Madrid - 20:45 local time kickoff. I decided to look at the natal charts of the football teams, instead of reading the event chart. The charts are included here along with the transits of the day around the outside. Here is a list of aspects...
  18. sven555

    EPL - Swansea vs Southampton

    Swansea vs Southampton - Kick off @ 19:45 local time... Taken from BBC Sport... Both teams are in a relegation scrap, and need the 3 points; as this is their penultimate match of the season. Instinctively; I say this match is a Draw.
  19. sven555

    La Liga - Barcelona vs Real Madrid

    Kick off is at 20:45 local time, in Barcelona. Jupiter on the ASC at start of play, progresses into the 12th house. Mars in Capricorn in 3rd, moves to 2nd. Venus in Gemini in 8th, moves into 7th. Moon Aquarius at early degrees. what do you think? Barcelona win/draw?
  20. sven555

    A League - Newcastle Jets FC vs Melbourne Victory

    Requested by dbozics --------------------------------- Rough assessment of the match: First half Start of match - SAG asc. Close match, Newcastle Jets slight advantage. then ASC moves to CAP Newcastle Jets slight advantage again. -------------------------------------- Second half Still...