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  1. .skye.

    Will I ever get married?

    Early degree AC and Moon.. I see theres a sextil between Saturn and the Sun but I'm not quite sure on this since its separating.. Also Pars of Fortune is falling on the 7th and theres a ****** opposition btw the Moon and the Sun.. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance x
  2. .skye.

    Lunar Return, some notes?

    Okay so in about a week or so i'm having my lunar return.. I was checking the chart and I need a little help on what events should I expect to happen for the next month or so. I'm not really sure if it's going to be interesting or not.. hopefully it will lol But I really am just looking foward...
  3. .skye.

    Does he still

    ..Has feelings for me? I'm Jupiter and the Moon and he's Mercury. There are no aspects btw us or the Moon.. I also looked at the ruler of the 5th, Mars. Mars is square Mercury and is applying a trine to the AC. Looking at his 5th, his ruler (Venus) is making a trine to Jupiter but it's...
  4. .skye.

    Will he call or try to get in touch

    with me around my birthday? That's on July 20, a little over a month from now I know.. Well weve broken up about 7 months ago, too much drama happened.. I sent him a text on his bday wishing happy bday and all that which he replied to but we havent spoken since then.. so I'm wondering if he's...