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    The next one and a half years are favourable for going abroad. A new relationship will develop after six months to one year which will culminate in marriage.
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    I am a Vedic astrologer of long standing and I am available for paid consultation. I can be contacted at [Deleted. Personal contact info may not be included in public posts. If you have a website you can be reached through, you may post that, or people may request your contact info in pm. -...
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    How to choose an Ishta Devata

    Please see the file in the attachment. It deals with ishta devata very clearly. It is in public domain on the net.
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    Where to find your money's worth

    A good astrologer who sincerely attends to questions.:smile:
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    I am Mathur_Dinesh. I have been a member of this forum since 2006. I had in between become dormant here due to other preoccupations. I have now come back. I am basically a Vedic astrologer. I have published eight books on Vedic astrology in the name of DS Mathur. They are all available on...