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  1. waybread

    Democratic presidential nominee 2024

    OK, folks-- astrology content mandatory and no memes. Let's try to keep the conversation civil. This isn't about whether one despises a likely candidate or the party or not: it's whether s/he is likely to win the nomination. Who will be the Democratic party's nominee for president in 2024...
  2. waybread

    comparing natal and horary charts

    As you probably know, these are quite different: 1. Natal charts go by the birth moment. Horary goes by the moment of the question. 2. A thorough natal chart reading says a lot about the native's personality and potential. A horary chart is cast for a specific question only. Our boards...
  3. waybread

    Who is a Russian asset?

    In intelligence-gathering and propaganda terms, an "asset" is a sympathizer or supporter of a foreign-nation's own subversive political goals. An asset will speak out in favor of the foreign nation's goals to the point of sowing discord at home or with one's allies. Russia has long seen Donald...
  4. waybread

    Well-Wishing Thread

    [Moved from a different thread into its own thread - Moderator] I just had an amazing thought today. To Blackbery, Chay, David, Dirius, Leomoon, Bunraku, and to everyone else who routinely appears on these political discussion threads, I communicate with you more frequently than I do with my...
  5. waybread

    Hybrid astrology

    No memes. And please, no belligerent beating up of the other side. This thread is posted in the hopes that we can have a discussion on the future of astrological methods. I've posted it in the modern section because any mention of (shhhhh) modern outer planets would get us bounced out of the...
  6. waybread

    Why we're so polarized (No memes)

    Is this why we're so politically and socially polarized? You probably heard about Frances Haugen. She's the software engineer and former Facebook employee who recently testified before Congress about the harmful effects of social media companies' news feed algorithms. She reported that...
  7. waybread

    Traditional House Systems (plural)

    Although many traditional astrologers are big fans of whole signs houses, some of them overlook the fact that most of the major house systems in use today were developed during they hey-day of traditional astrology. Porphyry (233-305 CE) Equal (Unclear who was first: Ptolemy gives it in one...
  8. waybread

    Why do rightwingers misrepresent others to suit their beliefs?

    A chance to counter Bunraku's false allegations about Democrats in her thread, "Why do Democrats love to twist the Bible to suit their beliefs?" without having to reinforce that thread title. Proof texts welcome. No memes. I think everyone knows the straw man logical fallacy. Just as a...
  9. waybread

    the Synodic Cycle of Venus

    I just learned something new, about Venus returning to its same given position with respect to the sun every 8 years. During those years it describes a pattern likened to a pentagram or 5 petaled flower...
  10. waybread

    The Republican Party is IMPLODING! *No Memes

    NO MEMES (late-breaking edit) Here is just some of the evidence: 1. Donald Trump remains a kind of Republican monarch in exile. But he has lately created a rift with the Republican National Committee over the preferred destination of donations for upcoming political campaigns. Are...
  11. waybread

    The liberal message of Jesus

    NO MEMES. [Proof texts welcome.] Please follow Forum rules forbidding personal attacks and religious discrimination. ------- If Jesus were alive in the US today, how would he relate to US politics? Some quick background: One particular strand in American politics today is that the far...
  12. waybread

    how the right misunderstands everyone else

    NO MEMES ON THIS THREAD. Don't get me wrong. My politics are as follows. Independent. Moderate. I am independent because I pick and choose from both liberal and conservative platforms. What I am not is either a leftist or a rightwing Trump supporter. Moderator Tim Wilson just shut down a...
  13. waybread

    Have a Merry Christmas

    If you celebrate Christmas I hope it is a good time for you. If not, I hope it is nevertheless a time to do something nice for yourself. So many of us are having family "gatherings" via Zoom meetings. Too many are worried about illness, job loss, poverty, and loss of loved ones due to the...
  14. waybread

    Trumpism as a political cult. NO MEMES

    The word "cult" typically has religious meanings, but it is also used to describe political groups that exhibit some of the same behaviors, notably: 1. Unswerving zealous loyalty to a charismatic, strong leader. 2. Strong opposition to critical thinking, especially of the leader. 3. Belief...
  15. waybread

    Covid-19: how are you responding?

    Are you sheltering in place? In quarantine? Sick or know someone who is? (Hopefully not.) Going out and living your normal life? Has it affected you financially? Do you see some astrology in this?
  16. waybread

    New edition of Valens

    I just caught the notice on Skyscript that Ile Spasev has been working with Mark Riley on a slightly improved new edition of his on-line translation of Vettius Valens, Anthologies, which are now available.
  17. waybread

    A new twist on Modern Psychological Astrology

    "My Insurance Doesn't Cover Therapy so I'm Talking to an Astrologer Instead," by Maria Del Russo. I caught this article in the Washington Post this morning. I sometimes feel that those of us who...
  18. waybread

    Pluto The Planet Is Back!!!

    This just in: You probably know that in 2006 the International Astronomical Union "demoted" Pluto from its former status as a full planet to dwarf planet status...
  19. waybread

    combustion, prohibition, translation of light

    I am hoping you good horary astrologers can clear up a point of confusion for me. Lately we saw Saturn, and now Venus, combust the sun in Capricorn; which I would read as the combust planet being in a weakened state. A faster-moving planet (Venus, Mercury, moon) approaching the sun would hit...
  20. waybread

    Victimhood: what and why?

    Hi folks-- so, I'm not going to express myself well or be able to give this topic the sensitivity it deserves, but.... how do you explain victimhood (def: a person who has been harmed or injured by another or external event, *type A and type B) in a chart? Mostly people come to an astrology...