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    A memorable adage...!

    Originally from the Native American Community? FOOL me once, SHAME ON YOU...! FOOL me twice, BROTHER, SHAME ON ME...!! Such are the times known as KALIYUG(a)... CAVEAT EMPTOR in the Marketplace...!!
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    Integrated Approach

    A very nicely written eBook: Vedic and Western Astrology/An integrated framework, by Ashish Gujral. I am not certain if it is available in printed format. Lots of example horoscope and a freshly different approach. Highly recommended...!
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    ? Jyotish software for apple ipad

    Hi folks, Do any of you use a jyotish software for apple ipad air 2 (iOS)? Which one and does the software support jaimini calculations and other standard ones? Thanks
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    Learning resource for astrology (Jyotish)

    Hello Everyone, Two of my FREE PDF Primers in Vedic astrology (one on jyotish, the other on dashas (Indian progressional system) are available from (scribd search keyword = rohiniranjan) and You will find these easy to follow for...
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    Fate versus free will. OPINIONS??

    Sooner or later, divinators (particularly astrologers) run into this quandary about fate versus free will. Many opinions exist, including: 1. Everything is predestined; 2. Not everything is predestined, hence the relevance of Remedials and personal efforts; 3. Different nativities...
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    Folks seem to be posting BCs here and I have seen such hybrid diplays on AD forum too. Pretty, but do not give adequate details or relevant info for jyotishis. Ideally, several charts need to be studied and it is best done using a dedicated jyotish programs. One example (not meant to be typical...
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    Discussion: Are houses same as signs...?

    This is a thread to evoke opinions. Particularly, those based on some observations or even contemplations. It aims at something that exists in the minds of astrologers of all kinds: Tropical, sidereal, newbie or wizened. I was going to add "opinionated or unopinionated" but then upon reflection...
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    Dear friends, Every so often folks share their understanding about the abused poster-child of jyotish: Mangal Dosh (martian blemish)! It is not new as misinterpreted tenets go but on internet seem to be more visible in all sorts of fora that embrace discussions about astrology and jyotish...
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    Mac (Apple) question...!

    Folks, Has anyone used Parashara's Light on a Mac platform? MacBook pro or MacBook air? Thanks in advance for feedbacks if any. Rohiniranjan
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    Chara Karakas

    Dear Forum-members, In this thread aimed at discussion and learning, the seed was provided by a few comments made by Marian about chara karakas, particularly atma karakas. A few things that caught my attention were: The progression of karakattwas when two planets are at the same degree...
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    Second Opinions...! ??

    Websites seem to be increasingly receiving requests for second opinions! It is a curious phenomenon! Folks would post partial information about what someone said wrf to their chart and then expect web-astrologers to second guess and confirm or refute what the earlier astrologer told them about...
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    Sade Sati - A digression of paths...!

    Dear all, Starting a new thread since I think this might be somewhat different from what is usually followed, methodologically speaking. For sade sati one typically takes it to begin when Saturn enters the sign that is in the 12th sign from natal moon and it ends when Saturn leaves the sign...
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    Pattern Recognition: The crux of divination...?

    ... "To a certain extent, the definition of pareidolia can be used to describe how the ancients connected the dots and came up with the patterns we know as constellations. It does not take a great deal of imagination to see a lion in Leo, a scorpion in Scorpius, or a mighty hunter in Orion...
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    The Karaka CODE...? (Hopefully simpler than DaVinci's...??

    Dear Jyotishis, In jyotish, whether we sing praises to Parashara or Jaimini or several others, sooner rather than later we run into the Karakas: Natural (naisargika), Fixed (sthira) and movable (chara). The former have generally been used by astrologers a lot, the middle one not so much, the...
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    where to find a free astrologer

    Any Jyotish forum would have any number of volunteer jyotishis who handle such requests. But please post seriously and sincerely. Not at too many places simultaneously (you can get confused and/or forget to revisit a site where you posted also, and you have made some folks work for nothing. I am...
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    The troubling quandry of gem-o-therapy...!

    <<CAVEAT: This might seem to some as a provocative post, so I beg the forgiveness of all, particularly if you are emotionally-charged about astrology, and particularly the use of gemstones as remedials. My intention is to share the following observations and thoughts and as far as I know, since...
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    If I may share...?

    Jyotish forums, for some reason unbeknownest to me, have become 'POWdER-kegs' and though this is not new, ARE so undesired! Why such rampant insecurity, world-wide amongst those who have touched Jyotish? In response to something that was distasteful, aimed at someone who is elderly, revered by...
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    SUNRISE Charts as predictive tools...?

    Looking through my (very old) notes, as I do from time to time, there was a mention noted from back in early 70s based on a tip shared by an older astrologer about some esoteric technique used by him of general predictive value of sunrise charts. He used the sunrise based on the appearance of...
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    Parashara's Light Software

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any members here who use Parashara's Light Software? We could perhaps create (I will try) a community in which we can exchange our experiences and hints and tips pertaining to the software, as opposed to using up the bandwidth on this...
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    Beacons and Pointers...

    Planetary Beacons and Pointers in the Rashi Varga By Rohiniranjan These are some pointers that I would like to share with other fellow jyotish friend. The house/sign in which sun is placed, by itself, and associated with the lords or significators (karakas) and the house in which Leo is...