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  1. Dirius

    What the hell did you guys do?

    Previous forum layout was very unique. I don't like the new one
  2. Dirius

    Typical Chat Thread

    Here is how a usual post in the chat section goes: Random poster:"Hi guys what type of pizza do you like?" UKPBR replies:"As long as is a vegan option I am ok with any!" blackbery replies:"Pizza is a conspiracy from the evil cabal to control us all through altered cheese that poisons our...
  3. Dirius

    Ukraine Invasion discussion thread.

    Making this thread so we can discuss world politics and how they relate to the current situation in Ukraine. Memes allowed (but lets be moderate not to derail discussion).
  4. Dirius

    Massive and Uncontrolled Immigration

    I see - so your argument is about the negative side of massive and uncontrolled immigration into a nation? Its almost as if you were advocating for Trump's policy. It seems like chay will be our next red-pilled lefty :kissing: Indeed a housing shortage creates this problems, supply/demand, but...
  5. Dirius

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    Anyone following it? Discussion on the ongoing procedure. EDIT: memes are allowed, but please use them wisely to upset other people only. Thanks!
  6. Dirius

    Good Bye all!

    Due to the covid10 pandemic and economic crisis in my country, my girlfriend and I have decided to move to a different country (Brazil actually). For work and to pursue a master's degree - and I've decided to make some changes and spend less time on astrology (and the internet in general) so I...
  7. Dirius

    Horary Timing: when will my package arrive?

    For anyone interested in testing/prcticing your timing skills in Horary, here is a chart (resolved) with a very accurate timing. Chart was cast on 4 June 2020 / 3:02 am. Some background: ordered some stuff online on late May ... but after a few days, expecting that the covid pandemic had...
  8. Dirius

    The Simpsons, snowflakes and the Apu controversy

    After reading the news today I found out some comedian made a documentary about the simpson's character Apu being offensive to south-east asians, and obviously gathering all the sjw from the internet behind him in a rally to get apu "retired" from the Simpsons. Apparently in last Sunday's...
  9. Dirius

    - Snakechammah -

    Snake your pm inbox is full, trying to contact you. :love::lol: (- Sorry for making the thread -)
  10. Dirius

    Australian woman shot by Minneapolis police

    I wonder how this recent tragedy will play out. Australian Justine Damond...
  11. Dirius

    The wise words of Vettius Valens

    Was just browsing today the anthologies, and re-read this paragraph: ------------------------------ O ------------------------------ Since I wished to set out brief explanations of these matters, and since I deprecate all long-winded, mythological mystification, I have published these...
  12. Dirius

    HORARY EXAMPLE: Text message / delivered? reaction?

    Hello everyone, here I bring you an interesting horary! Its about a 3rd house issue: communication, e-mails, letters....and well in this case a text message. The chart is sort of a follow up to a previous post: I find this type of...
  13. Dirius

    HORARY THEORY: General Questions VS Specific Questions

    Hello everyone. I wanted to make a post and comment on the type of questions people ask. As in general questions. I've mentioned in some posts that...I hate this questions. The reason is because they never give a clear answer. They just don't. There are some exceptions to general questions...
  14. Dirius

    My horary Blog

    Hi everyone! I just created a blog, I'll keep updating with some Horary/Natal tips for begginers in astrology. Its new, so you won't find much yet, but I'll add some cool stuff soon! I'll also left there my contact info, for private horary/natal consultations :biggrin: Please visit me at...
  15. Dirius

    HORARY EXAMPLE: Going on a Date (

    Hello everyone. A few weeks ago I made an horary about a girl I met, asking the question: "Will She go out with me?" I'm putting this horary chart up, because the events that lead me to going out with this girl went 100% as predicted by the chart. I'm offering the chart for the purpose of...
  16. Dirius

    Weird question: "I've got a feeling that...."

    EDIT: I suppose I should have posted this in "horary technique" section; can a mod move it plz? sry my bad Hello everyone, I've got a little bit of a doubt here. Today a friend of mine ask me to put up a chart for him. The problem is that I'm really not sure if this question can be...
  17. Dirius

    Best atrology software? need advice!

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if you guys could recommend me the best software (in your opinion) for astrology. You see I started with astroworld, which is easy to use. Now I've been using solar fire. The problem I have is that I compared some charts in my software, with some made in sites...