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    The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac

    The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac
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    Is Moon in Gemini dishonest?

    from: What say you all to that? How about Gemini Moon conjunct Mercury opposite Neptune? Anyone here have personal experience with lying or deceptive behavior from a person with this Moon sign or with hard aspects of Neptune with it?
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    Future astrology on Mars and...aspects with Earth?

    Someday (barring a cataclysm) humans will have a colony on Mars and babies will be born there. Then astrology over there will have to be reconfigured. Earth's moon is then gone from the equation as well as Mars itself, the planet of action, assertion and sexual Yang because they'll be living on...
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    Saturn in Taurus in the 5th vs. Venus destroying me!

    I am bit bummed out right now and really working to understand my karma, and what needs to be done. I have Saturn in Taurus in the 5th house and have been researching the meaning of this, but am having trouble discerning exactly how the Taurean qualities are impacting the 5th house... I'm not...
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    Scorpio vs. Cancer compatibility dilemma

    duplicate, delete please I hit send on the other post and it gave me an internal server error screen. I hit my back key and resent, but the first one had apparently gone through?! So this was a duplicate post the messsage body of which I just deleted. Sorry for the mess.
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    Scorpio vs. Cancer w/ issues -will it work out?

    Scorpio vs. Cancer Compatibility Dilemma Hi All, I'm a Scorpio man and I just started dating a Cancer lady who has been divorced (from an Aries) for six months. Dreams, visions, and intuitive promptings have made me pursue her, and it was a like lightning had struck when I first met her...
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    Hi All, I'm an artist, clinical hypnotherapist, and Atlantologist living in Santa Fe, NM. Scorpio w/ Sagg. Moon & ascendant = Scorpitarius I'm just getting interested in astrology and I'm a little overwhelmed with its complexity but fascinated by its accuracy. Hopefully I can get some...