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  1. tsmall

    Profections example: John McCain

    It turns out the hardest part about profections is making sure you get the SR chart right. :lol: In prepping this lecture there were times I was literally tearing my hair out because the SR chart didn't match the events that followed. For a bit I doubted myself as an astrologer, I dobuted...
  2. tsmall

    Walking through the Crucible

    Don't ever fool yourself that the shadow period of an eclipse isn't important. 2 days after my birthday in 2015 there was a lunar eclipse (and yes my chart shows how very sensitive I am to eclipses) closely conjunt the lunar eclipse I was born on. That whole narrative about how long the...
  3. tsmall

    Sota 2017

    Regional conference in Buffalo, NY, October 2017. Among the speakers there are 3 who got their start here at AW. Myself, Ryhan Butler (Kaiousei no Senshi) and Wade Caves (wca.) Anyone local, or even not so local, it's a great conference.
  4. tsmall

    Pillars of the Sky

    For those who might be interested. A little ebook written by our very own Kaiousei no Senshi, edited and co-authored by me. Foundational grounding in traditional methodology.
  5. tsmall

    2015 Solar Return

    Typically, we want to see threads with no interpretation in the RMC forum. I guess maybe I'm pulling weight posting it here, with the caveat that I can interpret an SR chart, lol, and will once everyone who's interested has a go. This is my last year's SR, with natal. For those of you who...
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    Personal planets and the charts of violent offenders

    Ok, folks, here's a "personal planets" chart. One of my favorites, it just haunts me. It only makes sense when you study his "personal planets.",_Richard
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    The place to rant about all things horary

    We all do it. Once you've been studying and reading charts for a while you find things that really drive you bonkers. Like when someone says horary can only answer yes/no questions (that one really gets me) or when you argue that the Moon isn't void (yes it is! no it's not!) Sometimes we want...
  8. tsmall

    When will I go back to work (known outcome)

    From the archives, a known outcome chart to practice with. It isn't often you get a horary question of a personal nature that pertains to something that could be considered a mundane event. The querent initially presented me with the question "when will I go back to work." Seems fairly...
  9. tsmall

    Re-introducing tsmall

    In light of last weekend's likely missed by most announcement of my appointment to moderator of the horary forum And considering that there are only about a handful of members currently posting who know who I am I thought it might be...
  10. tsmall

    Finding the hour ruler

    One of the first considerations before judgement is to determine if the chart is radical, and one of the methods is to check that there is hour ruler/ASC ruler agreement. Most traditional astrology software will do the hour ruler calculation for you, but there is a relatively easy way to...
  11. tsmall

    Where is my nephew (known outcome)

    Technique practice for missing person horary. Background: My brother had been estranged from his oldest son for 10 years. His mother, my brother's first wife, had custody and would not allow visitation. She lives in Washington State and my brother in North Carolina. Since my brother is in the...
  12. tsmall

    Ethics of third party charts

    Recently posts debating the ethics of reading third party charts, that is to say horary charts posing questions such as "is my mother having an affair," or even "is so and so gay," or the all time golden oldie "is my ex dating someone else," were deleted from a horary thread as being non...
  13. tsmall

    Will We Divorce?

    Chart with known outcome. Bonus points for going beyond yes/no, since relationship horaries are the hardest to answer. Not just for the usual reasons, but because the querents are sooo invested in the answers that they will often shoot the messenger. Which leaves the truly professional...
  14. tsmall

    Many Happy Returns, greybeard!

    Happy Birthday. :smile:
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    Many happy returns, fensi88

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. :smile:
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    Hour ruler agreement

    A recent conversation on this thread Led to questions about whether or not the necessity of hour ruler agreement is the one and only thing that prevents a chart from being read, or if it is just another warning as to how the...
  17. tsmall

    Feral Planets

    I've asked about this in a couple of other forums and have yet to receive a definitive answer. The best I got, as always, were conflicting opinions as to whether or not it was even possible for planets other than the Moon to be wild, especially in natal charts. The parameters for a feral...
  18. tsmall

    Profections and revolutions

    It's enough to make your head spin. Per this thread It seemed prudent to go back to the natal charts and see what, if anything showed there to support the judgement of the horary chart since horary cannot bring what is not promised...
  19. tsmall

    Will we win our lawsuit?

    The short story. In early April the new president of the board of the non profit my husband founded (and with whom there was already no love lost) went out of her mind and in collusion with an employee who was about to be fired did a lot of very nasty and not necessarily legal things in order...
  20. tsmall

    Test your skills

    There is an underlying theme in my natal chart which has defined my entire life. Recently it has been activated by transit and time lords (a traditional approach to knowing which planets will be active when in a chart) and is pretty much slapping me in the face lately on a daily basis. I am...