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  1. Astrodawn

    Advice needed -Whats happened to his job?

    Please could someone give me some advice with this chart and its current transits. My BF has been self employed and has worked for himself successfully for the past 20 years. He is a specialist in what he does (builds koi ponds with waterfalls etc) and has never been short of work, especially...
  2. Astrodawn

    2014 Cardinal grand cross activating a natal grand trine

    Hi i hope someone could give me a little bit of information of how the current grand cross cross might affect someone with a grand trine/kite being activated by the cross?? he currently has pluto transiting his natal sun in the 4th house, but his sun is part of a grande trine/kite Sun at 14...
  3. Astrodawn

    Opinion on Synastry/Composite chart

    Thankyou :-)
  4. Astrodawn

    if i contact him will it be a good outcome?

    Hi, Please could I have some opinions on the following horary question. Yesterday i had my first falling out with my BF of 9 months. it was over something I consider petty but he pulled his face so much and ended in him saying take your stuff so you dont have to come back. All I said was that...
  5. Astrodawn

    Pluto transits grand trine

    Hi I hope someone can give me some input on a transit that is a bit above my knowledge. My boyfriend currently has Pluto 1 degree from an exact conjunction to his sun 14 Capricorn (4th house) his sun in is a grand trine with Jupiter 16 Taurus (8th house) and Uranus 14 Pluto 16 Virgo (12th...
  6. Astrodawn

    Help Confusion - Synastry with Venus/Pluto

    I need input and advice from someone who is good with synastry readings, Im am completely confused about what to do and need help! I met my current BF 5 months ago, we met very shortly after he had split up from a very volatile short term relationship (4 months) in which he was very angry about...
  7. Astrodawn

    NN and the moon times end of relationship?

    Im trying hard to fathom out what has just occurred boxing day,in my 3 year relationship with a very passive man, who (has been moody for weeks) suddenly exploded attacked me and smashed up some of my most treasured possessions (it was fueled by serious over drinking on his part) It ended up...
  8. Astrodawn

    is he missing me - horary

    hello, Im trying hard to fathom out what has just occurred boxing day,in my 3 year relationship with a very passive man, who (has been moody for weeks) suddenly exploded attacked me and smashed up some of my most treasured possessions (it was fueled by serious over drinking on his part) It...
  9. Astrodawn

    If I ask him to 'Marry Me' on 29th Feb will he say

    As its a leap year this year, tradition says the lady can ask the man to marry her on the 29th Feb. Its on the cards for us, but he is a little hesitant due to a bad marriage over 13 years ago! We have been living together very harmoniously for the past 2 years. So my question. I am going to ask...
  10. Astrodawn

    EEEK Am I pregnant - (result on friday)

    A bit into my background. I have everything in my life saying its not possible, as Im 47 and I had my tubes tied 10 years ago. I do have a very active sex life with my partner, For the past few weeks, I have been very nauseous, had abdominal pains (even had a visit to hospital over xmas) to...
  11. Astrodawn

    TWIN QUIZ - Can you tell which twin fits the questions?

    I know many people have the same question about twins being different with many different explanations given. so I thought it a good idea to see if given a list of characteristics, if anyone can guess which twin is which! My partner is a twin so I have created a chart with both of their births...
  12. Astrodawn

    Eddie Vedder Is my AstroTwin (1 hour difference)

    Do any of you have a famous astrotwin, and if you have, have you been able to read their biography and noticed peculiar similarities in relationships and life timings? Eddie Veddar the lead singer of Pearl Jam is my astrotwin. His moon is at 6 degrees virgo whereas mine is at 7 degrees. I dont...
  13. Astrodawn

    Why am I so Depressed??

    I need someone to look at my chart and help me see an end to this black hole im in at work. What I cant understand is my chart looks full of optimistic positive transiting aspects pluto trine MC, jupiter conjunct MC, pluto trine moon etc so why is my career in tatters, full of stress and anxiety...
  14. Astrodawn

    A Question on early ASC in Horary??

    Hi, I have had a question that I have asked 5 times over the past few months, I have erected a chart each time, these being completely random times and every time I have come up with the asc at 0/1 degrees (various signs) I know enough about horary to know that the question is not valid if the...
  15. Astrodawn

    Progressed Composite - Right Time for Marriage?

    I understand progressed composite charts read like natal charts only for the relationship itself not the people? I have just been looking at the progressed composite of me and my man, and it is packed in the 7th with the sun just moving into the 8th house, and I just wanted to ask a few...
  16. Astrodawn

    Bye Boards - Im Leaving You

    The time has come to relieve myself of this board after 5 years. it is now sadly very clique, and freedom of speech is not something tolerated. Bye to the few nice people on here [deleted attacking comments - Moderator]
  17. Astrodawn

    Blanked Board

    How come I am blanked on these boards on a regular basis? I can post on here and post exactly the same on astro forums. I got no responses here and 17 responses on astro. Face fits etc ?? Perhaps I dont C&P enough links hmmmmm
  18. Astrodawn

    Synastry - Venus/MC

    Hi astro people, Please can someone answer this synastry question that is baffling me?. (chart attached) My B/F has his Venus conjunct my MC 4 degrees Taurus. Now I always thought of this as a supportive aspect, especially if MC is conjunct Venus or Jupiter, and would have interpreted it as...
  19. Astrodawn

    Relationship Composite - Why do I feel uneasy???

    Hi I wonder if anyone could give me their opinions on the composite between me and my B/f Background - We met suddenly and moved in together (after 14 days) 15 months ago. Since then we have been extremely happy, and the compatibility between us 'doing things' together has been bliss. Our...
  20. Astrodawn

    Is this relationship going to end tonight???

    Hi, I really need some advice here please :crying: I thought I had met my love. We have been living together for 15 months in perfect harmony, not a crossed word or anything (which is surprising really with a synastry mar/merc square saturn. Then over the past couple of days a few things have...