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  1. espi3479

    Interperting Chart

    Heres a better chart
  2. espi3479

    Interperting Chart

    So i really want to know more about vedic astrology. I have a modified image of my chart (sidereal ) What does it mean??!!
  3. espi3479

    is this guy capable of relationship commitment?

    Yup. Just leave.he's got too much on his plate for anything new
  4. espi3479

    Anyone else hate these?

    I know right! I feel like it makes a person (ignorant person) judge u by ur sun sign according to what was said, which isnt fair !
  5. espi3479

    Anyone else hate these?

    If u have a social media site u might have seen these pictures. I happen to find them inaccurate and misleading. Any thoughts ?
  6. espi3479

    Venus IN Capricorn

    Would venus in Capricorn make you too controlling in relationships?
  7. espi3479

    2 stelliums in a chart?

    Very unique chart!
  8. espi3479

    it's my chart

    You should look up intercepted and duplicated signs and houses!!
  9. espi3479


    what is the significance of midpoints?
  10. espi3479

    Should i stay or go?

    horary question. Should i stay with my boyfriend or not??
  11. espi3479

    Indications of a move?

    When I moved a long distance Uranus was conjunct my IC. Which makes a lot of sense. Uranus + Ic = new change in environment!
  12. espi3479

    Saturn square Moon synastry

    We've Been together for a year now. But here is a little more info... 80% orb
  13. espi3479

    Saturn square Moon synastry

    I found this article on this aspect and it was pretty spot on! .. In synastry my boyfriend I have this. Me being the Saturn (Aries R) and him being the moon (Capricorn).He also has the moon square Saturn in...
  14. espi3479

    Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks

    Sag rising 19 deg... . Sun in sag 14 deg.
  15. espi3479

    Houses of Wealth

    The ruler of my first house is Jupiter which is placed in my second house. Is that good ? But the ruler of my second house is in my fourth which is ruler by capricorn.
  16. espi3479

    What can anyone say about this person?

    When I look for the type of women a man is attracted to, I look for the moon and venus. He has a venus in libra and a cancer moon. I don't think he'd like someone too bubbly or loud ! Maybe his type would be a polite, beautiful, nice and nurturing woman?
  17. espi3479

    Whats your 5th house like!

    same here!
  18. espi3479

    Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks

    Sag rising :) ..and sag sun conjunct rising but in the 12 th house .. Would having sun and rising conjunct "double" the influence?? So to speak?
  19. espi3479

    make my mars cap swoon

    Hes perfect <3
  20. espi3479

    Neptune conjunct moon transit 😔

    Sorry theres so many asteroids in there lol