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    Chart ruler conjunct Lilith

    Hi; i would like to ask about a few meanings for natal chart ruler (Jupiter; in 6th house) conjunct Lilith. Im pisces sun (21°) with Sag Asc (23°)& Sag Moon (16°); thanks ik advance for any insight; greetings
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    Full moon conjunct Asc

    Hi; next full moon happens to be exactly conjunct my 23:30 Asc (also sq Pisces sun; by the way); what is this supposed to mean? Thanks in advance for any insight; greetings
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    How many Pluto sq the Nodes transits are over time in ones life?

    Hi; just the former question about how many Pluto transits sq the Nodes are to be expected over time; thanks a lot; greetings
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    NN transit to chart's ruler

    Hi; transit North Node is at 25-26 Taurus degree; natal jupiter is 25 50 Taurus degree; what is like to have a North Nkde transit conjunct the ruler of a chart (im Pisces Sun; Sag Moon & Sag Asc)?? Thanks; any insight would be useful; greetings
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    Transit Pluto 2nd house & transit Neptune sq 1st house asc

    Hi; transit Pluto is in my 2nd house since 2015; actually is also exactly sq the Nodes; since Neptune is transit exactly conjunct Sun sq exactly Sag asc; i guess both transits would affect both 2nd house (money, values, etc) and also 1st house. So the question is what could be expected for...
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    Neptune & Pluto transits

    Hi; Pluto is transiting my 2nd house during 2015, now Neptune is conjunct 4th house Pisces sun and squaring my asc (23 sag); does that imply both 1st house & 2nd house sort of crisis? Thanks; greetings
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    Transit Jupiter conj Sun

    Hi; i have another question regarding transits, im not sure as of what are the likely outcomes of it. Jupiter is now conjunct natal IC. But is also going to conjunct my Sun in 21 Pisces next. It is usually said that Jupiter transits are benefic, so to speak. The point is that my Pisces Sun...
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    Transit Pluto and ruler Scorpio

    Hi; ive been having Pluto transit square Nodes for a while (Nodes at 26 degrees Aries-Libra); i seem to realize of an existing issue regarding Pluto's ruler Scorpio; so my question is whether Pluto exact aspects by transit do involve Scorpio issues (Scorpio is in 12th house). thanks in advance...
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    Transit Neptune conjunct Sun activates Leo's house?

    Hi; i've been having Neptune conjunct Sun transit for a while (my Pisces Sun is 21 degrees). I just realized that such a transit would activate issues related to Leo's house; my Asc is Sag (square sun), so Leo house is 9th with Saturn placed there; so.seemimgly, Neptune conjunct Sun transit...
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    Pluto transit squaring lunar nodes

    Hi; Pluto transit (in Cap 2nd house) is squaring the natal lunar nodes (26 10 Aries 5th SN house and 26 10 Libra 11th NN house); i seemingly realized that Pluto through 2nd house is also activating 8th house issues; so that 8th house issues are being linked to 11th house (groups and the like)...
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    Lunar eclipse conjunct chart's ruler

    Hi; the coming.Lunar eclipse in Taurus 27 seems conjunct my chart's ruler; that is Jupiter in 26 Taurus; which is also.conjunct natal Lilith and fixed star Algol; beside its square to Mars in Aquarius 23. So the question is about the effects of a lunar eclipse conjunct the ruler of a...
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    Jupiter, Lilith and Algol conjunction (natally & eclipse)

    Hi; my chart has a Jupiter, Lilith and Algol conjunction (all of them at 26 degrees Taurus); what are the effects of such conjunction meant to be? This question arise partly as i realized that the coming Taurus Lunar Eclipse in November 2021 would be also conjuncting them. Im Pisces Sun, Sag...
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    Sun sq Ascendant with Mars sextile Asc

    Is a Mars sextile Ascendant supposed to strengthen an Ascendant sq Sun natal aspect? Thanks in advance; greetings
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    Ascendant and Mars aspecting North Node

    Hi; my chart has Sag 23,30 Ascendant; 23 Acquarius Mars and 26 Libra NN; I wonder if that could mean an Asc-NN aspect (a sextile) and a Mars-NN aspect (trine); is that the case? What do you think? Any comment would be useful; thanks in advance; greetings.
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    nodes in Libra-Aries in aspect to Asc?

    hi; i just realized that my asc in 23 30 degrees Sagittarius could be in aspect to the Nodes within my chart; North node is in 26 10 Libra while SN is in 26 10 Aries; does that suppose to mean a sextile between NN and ascendant plus a trine between SN and ascendant? thanks in advance, greetings
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    Does Pluto transit Cap activates Saturn issues within chart?

    Hi; as Pluto is in Cap; i just realized that perhaps it could have been activating Saturn issues within any given chart, as far as Cap is ruled by Saturn; Saturn is in Leo's 9th house in my chart, by the way. Thanks in advance. Greetings
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    Ruler of a chart

    Hi; i would like to ask what is the ruler of a chart? How is it calculated? Are singletons relates to charts' rulers? Thanks in advance; greetings.
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    Transit Pluto in 2nd and 8th house in synastry

    Hi; Pluto is transiting my 2nd house (im sag rising); my chart is mainly fiery (dominant elements are Fire and Water, in that order); meanwhile, Pluto is transiting 8th house of my mate (Gemini Rising), while the chart ot my.mate is dominated by Water; so i've just realized that there could be...
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    Astrological clues of feet?

    Hi; as one of my feet started to now wo dering about the signs that rule the feet; namely, the right feet ...any comment would be great; greetings
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    Transit Pluto in 2nd house Capricorn.vs Acquarius

    Hi; Pluto has been transiting 2nd house in Capricorn for some years (since 2015 aprox); as.Pluto.will.enter.Acquarius in.2023, changing air.sign, i wonder.if that would have an effect on the transit.issue.(naturally,