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  1. Perfection

    Would you consider Pluto dominant in my chart?

    Hello? sup? YOU could be a cancer, or gemini, ascendant in Theoretical Astrology, by example Just Be it
  2. Perfection

    Chiron in 10th...

    Hello, chiron in 10 means you seek lots of irrational circumstances in your work areas, especially when you are bossy (ego). Look out for good people, talk to them. Talk about everything
  3. Perfection

    Want to move

    Thank you.
  4. Perfection

    Is now a good time to start my business?

    Hi First of all, the astro-planets indicate that You are in deep, full need of a new partner (If it so be) nowadays (within the year)... :lol: Then you can be more fulfilled... However, more onto your question... :kissing: I can see (Jupiter) that your new business can advance (beginning)...
  5. Perfection

    Should I go for this company?

    Yes. you should go
  6. Perfection

    Want to move

    Hello, I want to move to USA, but I don't know how, as my whole life is broken. I lack friends, freedom and sociability. Can you guide me? Chart: Perfection.
  7. Perfection

    Chiidhood trauma in birth chart-4th house madness

    Sun in the 4th house generally means being home-loving.
  8. Perfection

    Stellium Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mars and Asc in Libra

    He's an interesting man. with very smart powers of intellectuality
  9. Perfection

    Birth chart. Relationships/challenges/career/love

    Venus at the MC always stands for justice and for love.
  10. Perfection

    Jupiter into pisces transit - what to expect from this transit?

    You can expect new travels - Jupiter always brings new travels
  11. Perfection

    I am an AWFUL procrastinator even on things I want to do! What is causing this?

    Mercury in the 6th house is very bad for many projects at once. You need precise thinking always.