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    Good time to look for a new job?

    Time of changing job has started from February 10th, 2020 and will remain active for one year. Strong period will be during April, 2020 and next three months. Don't leave job without having any proper letter of intent/offer in your hands. Otherwise situation may be different.
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    Will this Relationship lasts ?

    At the time you have raised this question related to relationship and long term as partner or likewise, indications are that relationship and partner lords are forming good relationship and in the house of question. That's a very good sign. Only point of concern is that lord of question is not...
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    any mantra good for me? particularly for marraige and luck

    You have Gemini ascendant, Lord Mercury is involved in Planetary war with Venus lord of love relationship, indicating that love relationship may be influenced with your own approach and thoughts. Which is causing some issues for love relationship Marriage house has Saturn and afflicted by Mars...
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    Higher Education

    Mtlboy, Time of higher education may start from or after October (middle) 2021. Change of basic stream will not be surprising. Only point of concern is your sudden change of mood (possibilities). Study related to analysis, may be emotions, and related sectors will be helpful in your career.
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    Career in All Time Low

    Arjunsiva According Vedic astrology my observations are - You are passing through Mahadasha (Period) of Mercury lord of your ascendant and anterdasha (sub-period) of Mars lord of achievements placed in ascendant with Ketu. Indications are clear that pressure of achievements can be seen on your...
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    About Job

    Ketu and Mars in third house, Saturn in second and Jupiter in fourth. Anyways, lord of profession is total combust, so has not giving best of results. But chances of job opportunity are running. Refresh your skills and give best of efforts, avail opportnity before Middle of January 2020
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    Will I become IAS officer ? Kindly analyze my chart

    Kashmina Khatun, According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows: Period of earning is already started. But, in my opinion, it will be better for your professional front that profile must be linked for foreign lands. You may have to move away from your nation. Regarding your...
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    Raj Yoga

    9th Lord in 10th gives Rajyoga. 10th lord in 11th and 11th in 9th. Forming dhan yoga. But these three houses are indicating good Professional achievements. Particularly in their Periods (Dashas/sub dashas/ sub-sub dashas)
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    Will he pay me the money?

    According to Vedic astrology my observations are : Communication related to money must be with care. Reason is you not feeling comfortable, losing your confidence. Which may reflect in communication, chances can be influenced negatively. Your connection with gains and money is clear, but can be...
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    Political Science and International Relations

    Re: University !!!!!!!!! According to Vedic astrology (whole sign basis) my observations are as follows: Jupiter and Sun has exchanged their positions, linkage. Mercury is also in link with Sun and Jupiter (because of conjunction with Sun). Indicating clearly - Political science and study of...
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    Progeny analysis and questions

    Before going to D-7, we have to understand D-1 and D-9 properly. Affliction of D-1 on fifth house and its lord Jupiter and D9 fifth house has debilitated Mercury. But D-7 has improved connection - exchange of Moon with Moon. Lord of ascendant of D-7 is in the house of fortune. Now your query...
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    Tough times

    According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows: You are passing through Mahadasha of Moon from 25-11-2012, and Moon is being lord of expenses in the house of past karmas with Saturn. So, around this period you may be facing issues with studies, internal happiness, emotional issues...
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    My Saturn mahadasha is coming to an end. How to proceed?

    Mercury is in eleventh house being ascendant lord, supposed to give good results, only time to be watchful during the sub period of Mars or Saturn, because this may minimize positive impacts of this Mahadasha. Overall period of 17 years will be decent.
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    delayed marriage? Love or arrange?

    Study in details is not possible on such platform. it's an open platform.
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    delayed marriage? Love or arrange?

    Ascendant has heavy affliction and affliction on the house of marriage too. Mars and Saturn with Sun are indicating that nature is very important for you, even if you want for next or same relationship or for marriage life or for family life. Complications can be seen for marriage related...
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    What would be a good career for me

    According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows: Areas which can be useful or supportive from communication or entertainment or transport or creative field or writing etc.
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    WOndering about a job, hmmmm

    According to Vedic astrology (whole sign based) my observations are as follows: Dual sign but lord of question and profession is same, in conjunction with lord of achievements and finance, giving back strength to the house of question. Indications are positive. I feel that chances are good.
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    Poor health?

    According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows: (Whole sign basis) Ascendant lord is Venus and is placed in the house of gains, indicating that your basic features and strength of the ascendant, health and personality is increased. Longevity lord Venus is in gains, indicating basic...
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    Been suffering since 22 years

    Remedial measures not possible on open platform
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    Been suffering since 22 years

    Rahu in ascendant, Mars in bedroom, afflicting ascendant lord and ascendant lord is afflicting Mars.Both have exchanged their position too. Indications are that from Rahu/Saturn period, (From December 1997) situation has started giving some issues. It will be better to stick to your commitments...