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    Would this indicate an unpleasant encounter?

    I'm curious about Saturn retrograde meeting the moon in the first house... I've looked and looked and looked but haven't found any satisfying answers, although I have found a lot of contradictions about Saturn retrograde... My thought is L1 and L7 meeting in the first house would be rather...
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    When will this correspondence arrive... didn't know quite where to put this

    This is a letter to I suppose what you'd call an "open enemy"... The postal service is in total disarray, so I'm trying to work out when it would arrive... and what effect it will have... Oh drat...forgot to put my interpretation... :/ letters would fall under the 3rd house of communication so...
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    How does this work

    Curious... when there is an ongoing situation, but yet there are no aspects between significators, no translation of light, no collection of light... just nothing... How do you deal with a chart like this?
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    Will he leave her - time limited

    Removed for privacy reasons.
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    What do you do when you get a chart like this?

    I was wanting to go back north to continue my interrupted holiday, and this chart came back. I'm more curious how often this happens - when all the cardinal points are at 0 degrees? Do you just throw it away and ask again another day? or is there something significant about this? Other than...
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    A complicated situation...

    Okay... big time mess up... I actually drew a chart earlier that day when I got the news... which chart counts? the first one I drew when I was totally distraught, or the later one when I was thinking clearly? (overstatement, but thinking *more* clearly).
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    Will they make it through this plus a technicality...

    Deleted deleted question.
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    Translation of light - technical question

    A technical question while I continue to practice my understanding of translation of light. The significators in this chart do not make an aspect - Mars (L1) and Venus (L7) - there is some minor reception between them, but I was wondering about the moon... it has made an aspect to Venus -...
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    should I move? sensitive issue

    L1 Mercury peregrine in 9th house L7 Jupiter in 8th house no aspect between the two There is no translation of light that I can see, but mars separates from a square to mercury and then applies by trine to Jupiter so collection of light? although Jupiter is the heavier planet... what story...
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    Any hope of this couple reconciling?

    I can't see any hope, but I'm hoping that somebody else might. He's Mars, relatively strong, but peregrine and not seeing Venus at all. She's Venus, combust, and in a fateful degree (exact square to the north node). There is no aspect between them, but I wondered if the sun could possibly act...
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    Could this relationship be permanent?

    I am the moon (L1) a nice significator for a woman, but it has no dignity here, and as such is peregrine so I'm fairly powerless in this situation, however, I am making an applying trine to my current bf, who is Saturn in his own house of the 7th, which I think indicates that possibly a little...
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    Should I cancel my holiday

    Chart attached. Mercury is L1; using 5th house for vacation because it's in the same country and just a short plane ride, not an overseas trip... so that's Mars in Scorpio in detriment... there's no aspect between them. So you'd think that would be a no I shouldn't. But I was going to see a...
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    When will we get together

    A personal question for me -when will we get together. It looks promising - mercury (L1) is retrogade (but I don't find that problematic as it's retrograde in my natal chart); so it's applying to Jupiter - his significator (L7). There doesn't seem to be any prohibitions unless the moon is, but...
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    Will she leave him?

    Deletion Deleted due to lack of interest
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    Will he contact me? When?

    Chart: added as an attachment to this. 18 Jan 2021 @ 7.11am AEDT (-11) Melbourne, Australia I'm Saturn in the 12 in it's Joy He's Jupiter L11 in it's term but weak They're applying by conjunction and parallel by declination, so tentatively he will, but I don't know when. He is an ex and a...