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  1. avrillavigne

    Solar return - 7th house stellium

    I have Jupiter Mercury and Neptune in the 7th house this year. Is this pointing to a new relationship? I am a bit worried about Neptune, I don't want to be deceived. Solar Return Venus is also conjunct natal Descendant. It is my Virgo Protection year so Mercury is my time lord as well. In my...
  2. avrillavigne

    Are we going to end up together?

    Been on and off with this guy. I really like him but I know that he is going trough some stuff. Are we going to be in a healthy committed relationship or should I move on? Mars and Venus are about to conjunct in Mars exhalation. I like him as but he doesn't like me? Does that mean that I will...
  3. avrillavigne

    Why did he ghost me?

  4. avrillavigne

    Will I get the house (inheritance)?

    Long story short, my maternal grandparents are quite wealthy. My mom is quite hardworking and is paid well. Her brother is lazy and has never worked in his life (living a hedonistic playboy life). My grandparents left all their property to their son, leaving my mother without any inheritance as...
  5. avrillavigne

    Moon conjunct partner's stellium

    My Virgo moon, which is Unaspected in my natal cart, is aspecting the guy that I am seeing stellium. He is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Lilith and North node in virgo, they are all conjuncting each other and my Moon. Who feels it the most? Does he feel my moon there?
  6. avrillavigne

    Will my friend get the job?

    Will my friend get the job? She is currently unemployed and struggling in her field. She is really unhappy in the area she was in, and she is trying to switch. I really want to help her. She asked me if she would get the job. I'm not sure how to read the horary chart as I have always read them...
  7. avrillavigne

    What are is feelings towards me?

    I have been seeing someone for about a month. He started acting disinterested the past week. How does he feel about me?
  8. avrillavigne

    Venus opposite Saturn in synastry

    I recently started seeing someone. I don't know his birth time/ Made a synastry chart and we have Venus opposite Saturn, but he actually has this aspect in his natal exact. Does this make it easier for him to handle my Saturn in this opposition?
  9. avrillavigne

    Are we going to get together?

    I recently got reacquainted with an ex-crush of mine from 10 years ago. He seemed quite interested, but I was a bit awkward, and I think he got the wrong idea. I am asking if we are going to get involved? I know that he is single, but his ex wants him back. The moon, mars and venus are all...
  10. avrillavigne

    Will she win a case?

    I have a problem with my previous roommate who was also my tenant. She left the flat a couple of months ago but refused to return te keys. I told her that she needs to return the keys and then I will return the deposit. Someone called me today representing himself as her layer and threatening...
  11. avrillavigne

    Why did he leave me?

    I want to ask why my ex left me. As when the relationship ended it turned out that a lot of people were trying to separate us from both sides. We knew each other for years and our relationship was going really well but he abruptly ended it. Now a lot of people, "friends" have opinions and it has...
  12. avrillavigne

    Will I finish my university year successfully?

    Hi all, I made this horary chart. Virgo Asc, I am Mecury in 11th house of hopes and wishes trining Mars in Pisces (9th house ruler). Their trine is about to perfect (6 degrees). Uranus is in the 9th house - sudden changes? My question is what happens when the quesited is in the fall of the...
  13. avrillavigne

    12th house stellium + SR Asc conjunct natal Desc

    I'm new in the Solar Return charts. I am quite worried about this year's SR that started at the end of March. I have a 12th house stellium - Pluto Jupiter Mars nad Saturn - 3 malefic planets plus the greater benefic! One of those planets (Saturn) is also the chart ruler! My Solar return...
  14. avrillavigne

    What does he want?

    This was a really close friend of mine that I had a relationship with and was very much in love with him. He ended things when quarantine started without giving an explanation, but he would still text me as if nothing happened. I stopped answering him around a month and a half ago so he stopped...
  15. avrillavigne

    Are we going to end up together?

    This is someone I recently started seeing( 3 months ago). He has been a really close friend of mine for the past 2 years and we've known each other for 9! The thing is that this relationship is starting as a long-distance one and that's why I'm worried. This is someone I care about deeply but I...
  16. avrillavigne

    Where is my roommate?

    I do realise that the chart I'm posting is with an early ASC but I am really worried! I recently started living with a roommate that I do not know well at all. She seems really nice. She left on Valentine's day to celebrate with her boyfriend but she told me they were going for dinner (she...
  17. avrillavigne

    I can't find the ruler.../ Am I going to buy this present?

    I was going to buy a present (the perfect one!!) for the birthday of someone I'm seeing. Unfortunately, what I wanted to buy went out of stock and the shopping assistant can't tell me when they are restocking but it will be 'soon'. I have been waiting for quite a while now and am starting to get...
  18. avrillavigne

    Is he interested?

    I am the moon, he is Saturn. We are making an applying sextile, so yes? I am in detriment - unable to act. He is in his own house - does that mean he is not interested after all? Also, there is Venus in the 7th house - someone else? This is someone I had a fling with 3 months ago and now we are...
  19. avrillavigne

    One of my friends betrayed me - Does she care about me?

    Well, I have been flirting with one guy for a couple of months now and we have been dating for like a month (we are not official but I believed that we were exclusive). One of my best friends (I have known her since I was like 9) came to our hometown for like a week and apparently she slept with...
  20. avrillavigne

    Is there any chance of us getting together?

    This guy was interested in me over a year ago but I rejected him as I was dealing with a recent heartbreak plus tbh I did not like him that much. Over the past year we have seen each other a lot through mutual friends and he is still flirty and says thing that makes me think he is interested but...