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    Pluto rules Traditional Astrology

    Yes. I'm Neptune dominant and i study astrology a lot now
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    Neptune - The Delusional Psychic

    Luckily I have Mercury(chart ruler) and Pluto in earth signs. If I don't have any planet in earth signs my strong Neptune is going to kill my lives though. But actually I use my strong Neptune for help people find their own spiritual paths and to find their own dreams only and not give others my...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    My Italian father is a vegetarian but it's more like mix between meat-eater and vegetarian because he is also traditional too(Pallas in Capricorn. Moon + Saturn in Cancer). But he is living with me in Vietnam now.
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    Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?

    I have North Node crossed my Ascendant at my solar return in December 2020 and that time is the most interesting time in my life. The time that Lunar Nodes all have aspects with my big 3 make me awakening until now. The most difficult transit for me is Pluto conjunct my Capricorn NN and Neptune...
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    In What Sign is Chiron Domiciled?

    I think the Chiron domicile sign is in Sagittarius/Pisces
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    Determining our Identity (ID/pol)

    I also lost my belief too because i have Chiron in Aquarius 9th house
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    Golden Yod

    No. We only use planets and also very important points and also luminaries for golden yods( only can use ( :sun::moon::mercury::venus::mars::jupiter::saturn::uranus::neptune::pluto: and these are planets and luminaries) and Ascendant/Rising)
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    That sun/moon opposition is opposite/conjunct Algol and both luminaries are square my triple conjunction between Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius(My most stressful period is when Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is also conjunct my Rahu/:northnode: in 2020)
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Every full moon in Taurus(range 17-29 degree :scorpio: Sun and :taurus: Moon) is fight with my dreams every time(because that my :neptune: is :square: :sun: and :moon: opposition and that lunar eclipse transit is make a T-square with my :jupiter:, :neptune: and :chiron:. I was in a stressful and...
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    Happy thanksgiving!!

    Yeah. I love this Thanskgiving now. But 3 day later it's first day of Hanukkah
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    Asteroid Quaoar (50000)

    Yeah. Quaoar is a TNO not an asteroid.
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    I think about the zodiac sign compare to the life path numbers: LP 1: like :aries: LP 2: like :libra: LP 3: like :gemini: LP 4: like :virgo: LP 5: like :leo: or :taurus: LP 6: like :cancer: LP 7: like :sagittarius: + :capricorn: LP 8: like :scorpio: LP 9: like :pisces: LP 11/2: like higher...
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    Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

    I have a Cancer South Node in 2nd house and my moneys i obtained were all give to my family
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    draconic chart

    And the planets when they're opposite the :northnode: is always at 0 degree :libra: in the draconic chart too
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    Juno conjunct Saturn

    :juno: conjunct :saturn: is a aspect that indicates that the first marriage in your life is later than other people marriages. That's also mean this person(you) is talking in a well-reserved and loyal way too. And your way of talking is also philosophically good and the communication in your...
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    Pluto/Scorpio(:pluto:/:scorpio:) is actually also have a good side too and the good side of :pluto:/:scorpio: is very spiritual. The Pluto actually want healing us dark sides and those dark sides of the human life when the Pluto is conjunct Chiron/Chiron is in Scorpio is come out to the world to...
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    Hi Im new

    So what's your rising sign and ascendant degree(rising = ascendant)
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    yodfigures in my birth-chart?

    I also have yod between :mars: in :leo:, :moon: in :libra: and :uranus: in :pisces: and it also a little bit wider than a real yod too. I also have a extreme minor yod between :sun:, :moon: and Sedna
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    Anything in my chart that indicates bipolar) mental illness?

    :moon: :conjunct: :neptune: in :capricorn: is made you feel bad at times. :jupiter: :conjunct: :uranus: in :aquarius: is also make you feel emotionally instable and that's a stmptom for bipolar mental illness
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    Hello everybody!

    My family all have mutual receptions include me and the reason becauee: Mom: Mutual reception between :venus:, :jupiter: and :pluto: (:venus: in :sagittarius:, :jupiter: in :scorpio: and :pluto: in :libra:) Dad: He has 3 mutual receptions( His :venus: and :mercury: mutual rception are in :virgo...