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    Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp; what's happening in the world?

    what causes these errors? what do you'll think? share your thoughts on the subject astrologically..
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    Read my chart

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    Degree method of Nikola Stojanovic

    Video link: The secrets of the zodiac degrees Also interesting to read: Site link: Is there someone who uses and can read charts by degree like this? I also like how honest he is. If something is bad, he will sure say it and...
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    Possible hacker?

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    Why are they acting strange?

    doesn't work; link expired
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    What about this synastry?

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    Should I?

    Topic closed
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    Did she die peacefully?

    edit; event chart
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    ''Critical'' 29 degrees question

    I red about this degree and how it affects someone. I also find out something particular. If this degree is in the sign of Pisces or Taurus, it means a permanent ending of something. Of course it depends on the house and planet too. Share your thoughts about it.
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    Help asked; Understanding the aspects

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    Past life

    Who and where was I in my past life according to my chart? (chart will be showed if people are interested in this subject. This topic is also open for discussion about your own chart. Let's just look at it together)
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    Parallel & Conjunction

    These two work the same. Also do I have an example and question at the same time. We all know that Venus conjunct the ascendant gives extraordinary beauty which is noticeable. It seems logic that Venus parallel ascendant would give the same. But now something else; If the ruler planet of your...
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    Only negative?

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    solved case
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    Moon opposition Venus

    Discussions open about moon opposite venus in general.
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    Read my chart

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    Mothers powerful chart

    Mothers chart closedcase
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    Beauty and attractiveness

    And we could discuss about this by giving example of people we know or just our self.