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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    Thanks waybread, what i find most interesting is the interpretation of the stellium. The bully dynamic makes sense, though the fun-house or play house, some reason, doesnt seem to quite fit, but its there. so I'll contemplate on it more see what it find. Jupiter asc, interesting thanks for the...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    Marinka-Weird future predictions i could probably have done without, to say the least. Manipulation, and sex-children connections i dont find too helpful. But for the most part I found a lot of the posts here interesting, with enough to provide much thought for the comming weeks. " You would...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    This has led into an interesting direction, so may as well make a couple things clear, ive always been interested in older women as a young teen, and the women on my life now are all older, so theres that. Certain kinds of people would do well to avoid me(pedophiles for one), as i am protective...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    YES, Disorganised, this is a big part of it, i know its all there, and i could write a REALLY good book, that I can easily market and make good money off of, that would inspire, teach, and tutor people. All the information is in my head, its just jumbled around, and i have difficulty pouring it...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    By no means meant to insult, i love elder people, i was directing my thoughts towards the roots of the problem which is NEVER the children. I understand each house has many different aspects, a major focus for ME is creation however, and expressing myself through such creations in as large a way...
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    Career Path

    You said you were studying philosophy, this shows at least in your ninth house, the house of the superconcious mind and the deeply engrained religious philosophy of the self. From what i see, you appear to be a person more capable of overseeing the production of games, like if you were to...
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    Can someone please interpret my chart??

    Seems we both have uranus-neptune conjuncts in capricorn, though mine is in the 6th house. i wondered why, then realised we are about a year apart in birthdates. Im not too far into astrology, but being in the tenth house, uranus the awakener, and neptune the dissolver, it seems a lot of your...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    Krewster- tuning into it has been a long process, but ill try and focus on the areas you pointed out and see where it takes me. thank you. waybread -Yes, i feel my scorpio came out earlier in my childhood, my cancer grew a tail and it was really good at stinging, more out of necessity then...
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    Confusing chart, Requesting assistance

    hello there fellow mortals, i was curious about my birthchart, id love to get a good reading if you have the time, I have a stellium, and two conjuncts, not to mention everything is in a couple houses. ha. 5th house scorpio has the stellium and mercury off to the side, my pluto and sun share...
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    Aries/Scorpio new member!

    Cancer-Scorp-Aquarius Pleased to meet ya :sideways:
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    5th house scorpio,-stellium-sun/pluto(same degree), mars(2 off), Mercury

    So deffinitly one of the more interesting houses of mine,i get that its in self-expression. and noting that my main sign is scorpio, sun and pluto share the exact same degree(20) with mars at (18). all in the house of scorpio. and mercury with a saggitarian sign at the (11th degree) lately Ive...
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    Saturn in the 7th House

    Hmm I got a Saturn in Capricorn and with a Aquarian sign. youd think that being in its ruler there would be more good to come out of it. mine is also conjunct with the moon, so whatever the issue is , I get it too :unsure: well at least its not in a detriment or fall, ha :andy:
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    For the love of god will someone please read my chart? Please

    Very interesting, my Uranus and Neptune are conjunct, and share the exact same degree as yours. my triple conjunction of sun pluto and mars are much similar as well. cept my planets are:scorpioimg: on the other side lol. this is deffinitly fun trying to figure out.
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    mars, pluto, scorpio sun Stellium in Ninth House

    well that's interesting, I have a stellium, sun and pluto share the same degree and mars 2 degrees off, their all in the fifth house for me though. house of scorpio as well ha