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    Synastry chart (impacting me for 20 years)

    Can any of the revered members share some insight about this synastry chart? The outer wheel is me. This chart is really costing my sanity, either I am stubbornly pursuing "nothing" or my inner psychic is right. both ways, it has impacted me for 20 years. Pls.
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    Urgent! my mom is really ill and doctors are confused

    My mom is ill for years, and not for any specific problem. One problem ends, another starts, it ends, the first one revives. There is mental as well physical complications. And now, the doctors are alarmed. We have been to doctors all those years, blindly followed their instructions, and...
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    My mom's very very ill. Would appreciate any insight.

    She is ill for years, and not for any specific problem. One problem ends, another starts, it ends, the first one revives. There is mental as well physical complications. And now, the doctors are alarmed. We have been to doctors all those years, blindly followed their instructions, and now she...
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    Intense dreams crippling me for a decade !!!

    I have been having dreams about a long-lost friend( who is now married and lives abroad) for a decade. The more I try to move away from the person, the more dreams I am having. I have taken psychological help-which is not working. Astrologers are of many opinions. While many advice me to...
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    synastry help.... we have been told we are connected !!!

    I have felt it for years, and now after knowing the birth time, I have been told, me and my friend are profoundly connected. Its actually important for me, because it gives answers to lots of buried questions. However my friend wants to remain anonymous. Will it be possible for any of you kind...
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    Credibility of astrology

    I am a firm believer in astrology and I am frequently attacked, lolz. I can well understand astrology can never conform to science. The thing I dont understand is the miserable failure of astrologers in carlson's/ Dean and Kelly's experiments. These are the most commonly used weapons as they...
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    karmic connection or mental issue

    I have posted here before. I have consulted competent astrologers. But the various opinions on this issue made me more confused. I have strange dreams about a past friend...... with whom I parted 20 years ago. The dreams started immediately, and have been continuing since then. I have mental...
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    Desperate plea for help

    Here goes my story- I gave my mom's chart for rectification in 2018. The guy who rectified it strangely requested me to consult an astrologer with her chart. an astrologer predicted death -of her or her husband's. I was first very afraid but later post replies here made me a bit skeptical ...
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    Dreams and depression...

    I have a lot of issues. Depression, Bipolar mood disorder, co-dependency-name anything and its in my life. I am 30 and without any career, I dont even try to make a career-too tired struggling with these mental problems. But, the thing, that puzzles me the most, is my dreams. Almost every...
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    Rosetta or trapeze, 2 talent triangles. What do they indicate?

    Its my mom's chart. I am trying to understand it myself without any prior astrological knowledge. I cant pay for readings and the kind fellow-users here are justifiably busy. Its better to try to understand by myself. However, I got stuck on those patterns.Google offers very few information...
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    composite between me and my mother. co-dependency. perhaps karmic?

    composite between me and my mom. co-dependency. perhaps karmic? my mom strongly believes there is karmic relationship between us.......... we have a co-dependent relationship, diagnosed by psychologists. any insights???plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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    my bowl patterned chart with t-square ruler in true node. Help !!!

    can someone have a look at my chart and tell me what does my t-square signify?(if it is a t-square). i am told its extremely rare to have a t-square focal point in retrograde motion. i am a layman in astrology though. pls forgive my indolence.
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    Birthday today. can someone read my chart and make my day?/

    No specific questions. What stands out in your eyes. Any kindness will be greatly appreciated.
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    Jupiter in 12th, Saturn and Mars in 8th. Confused.

    Do i carry a karmic blessing and a curse together? my rectified chart is attached below.
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    transits predicting death?there must be sm remedy

    I rectified my mom's chart recently and transits are not that good. the person who kindly rectified the chart gave some valuable opinion.he also talked about letting go of values, even persons. my mom is dead worried hearing that as my father is sick. Death is natural. yet, we cant...
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    which aspects produce opportunistic suck-ups?

    I am a newbie in astrology and know next to nothing. are there really certain positions/aspects which make people king(or queen) of opportunistic flattery? mars in virgo,capricorn,gemini and leo ? My assumptions are based on ppl i know, not any full-fledged research. can anyone enlighten me?
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    Help someone who is barely surviving

    I know i am imposing on the kindness of you people. Here people come with problems of their own. I have come with others' problems. But I believe I will be forgiven, because I mean well.I am depressed myself, and all my friends have intense problems as well. Call it luck, or bad luck! I believe...
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    My taboo sexual life

    I just read feelingalaxy's post in the forum. He really encouraged me to come out with my problem publicly. Kudos to him. My problems are somewhat, if not entirely, similar to him. I am a homosexual.I had some bad experiences regarding sex in my adolescence. I made advances to someone(who i...
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    a life of no importance

    I have written here before. I have been called spoiled-which at that moment seemed true-but now I think I am dependent, not spoiled. I have an array of problems. I am homosexual , have to hide my identity as I Live in a conservative country and I feel guilty for it. I have bipolar mood...