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    If that's true, you should report him now. Today. He could be attacking other patients. In my view being a rapist has nothing to do with being sexual, and it can't be seen in the natal chart. There are far too many rapists to find a common denominator. I don't find Virgos to be particularly...
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    2/23/2022 Putin's Russia invades Ukraine Sun in Pisces Moon in Sagittarius Mars in Capricorn Ascendant in Scorpio, but I randomly chose midnight so houses aren't reliable. It's an interesting but nonstandard pattern with lots of squares and trines. Sending much love to the people of Ukraine. Sending many...
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    Fun with personal planets

    I am a bag of hot air, but emotionally, I am not even here. I talk like a 3-year-old who's ready to go home, but express my energy in a shamelessly domineering way. In love, I want a partner who feeds me and tells me I'm pretty. Before they get to know me, people perceive me as a pretty thing...
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    Coincidence or do Yod patterns run in families?

    I was looking at my sister's chart again after posting something about one of her aspects. I can't believe I have never before noticed that she has a Yod with a Pisces moon fulcrum just as I do. I have read the theory that Yods can indicate family karma, but I don't think I've heard of siblings...
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    What do you really think happens after death?

    What do you really think/believe/feel happens to people after they die? I'm not asking what a particular faith, astrological sect, or scientific community thinks, but what you, personally, really think. Are you at all conflicted about it? I think the underpinnings of astrology rest on the idea...
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    Pisces Guilt

    I am a guilt-ridden creature. I always have been. I have Pisces moon, which is involved in a lot of my chart, including a Yod, and Jupiter in Pisces. I am also Pisces dominant according to most dominance calculators (one said I'm Taurus dominant.) I have Venus and Chiron in the 12th house...
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    Student Behavior Related to Retrogrades or Other Transits?

    I teach college students. I just finished up the worst semester. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get these people to show up or turn in work on time, if at all. I thought there was something going on with me, just a personal rough time, but after talking with colleagues, it seems it's...
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    Why Is There So Much Conflict?

    I'm a sponge, lots of mutable energies in my birth chart, and the only fixed energies I have are lazy and feminine, so I end up absorbing and retaining the emotions and energies in the environment. It's freaking exhausting, all the time, and especially now. I see it in politics and personal...
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    New Dwarf Planet

    Isn't it neat when this stuff happens?
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    Natal vs Progressions

    After flirting with astrology for more than 20 years, I'm finally reading an introductory text explaining the wheres and whyfors. The one I'm reading is Parker's Astrology. These authors place a lot of important on progressions, particularly of the Ascendant, Sun sign, and Midheaven. I'm only...
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    Read my chart again?

    I had some enlightening readings when I first joined (thanks, Kimbermoon!) but I've learned a lot since then and have some specific questions about my natal chart. I'm also interested in anything else you want to say about the chart. The system I'm most comfortable using is reflected, but I'm...
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    Muses in the Natal Chart

    I'm looking for discussions about the placement of muses in the natal chart. I figured this would be the place but don't find anything. Should I search different terms? I stumbled upon the concept online and found that my favorite muse, Calliope/Kalliope (named my first cat after her...RIP) is...
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    Public Service Announcement

    To the person who asked me to read your chart... your mailbox is full.
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    Moods, Hormones, and Astrology

    Sometimes I feel like several personalities inhabit this body. I guess that's not too surprising for someone with sun in Gemini. Something I have noticed is that I get in loud, talkative, aggressive moods. Those moods seem to be related to my monthly cycle, so I'm thinking hormones. I wonder if...
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    Decans - What does it mean to have a "young" moon or other planet?

    I was told I have a "young" moon. It's 1 degree in Pisces. Do you think of decans and/or degrees in this way? What does it mean to you to have a planet at 1 degree as opposed to say, 16 degrees or 28 degrees? Do you see degree placements as planets maturing through the sign or something else...
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    Interpret my Yod?

    I don't know why that title sounds dirty to me, but it does. I'm finding that most astrologers either don't know about Yod configurations in charts, know about them and don't think they're important, or know about them and think they're very important. I'm interested in hearing about practiced...
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    Read this chart -- indicators of anxiety?

    Would someone like to read this chart? This man has major problems with anxiety, life-long, and I wonder if there is anything in the chart that could help explain it. Any other thoughts are also welcome.
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    What Is This Destructive/Creative Energy I Feel?

    I've been studying Astrology pretty earnestly the past few months. I'm not finding that it's very good for predictions, not yet at least, but I am finding that natal charts are unbelievably useful in understanding myself and those close to me better. There is an energy I find in myself that I'm...
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    Anyone want to examine a synastry chart for help in decision-making?

    I won't make decisions based purely on what anyone suggests...I am Taurus rising, after all. But I have some big decisions to make, and knowing as much as I can about the health and longevity of this relationship (and me in it) is of great important to me right now. Thanks in advance! WO
  20. Witchyone

    I love you!

    I love you! Will you read my chart? :w00t: Kidding, of course, but I would love to have someone read my chart. I'm interested in issues of career, marriage and love, and I would also be interested in seeing if there are astrological reasons for why deciding the best course of action is so...