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  1. whisper8snapper

    What is Black Moon Lilith in retrograde?

    I've looked through a Google search, I've searched on here (not thoroughly, mind you. I do not have the patience for it today and I know I'll forget about my question by the time I do have patience) but couldn't find anything. I have both my Lilith and Black Moon Lilith Rx in Gemini in the...
  2. whisper8snapper

    Seeking second opinion on Mother-in-law synastry

    Synastry has her on the inside, my planets on the outside. I've never liked or respected my mother-in-law since the month we first met. She's always tried to change me to be more like her. We've never had verbal fights because we're both conflict avoiders but many a time she has made me irate...
  3. whisper8snapper

    Introducing an avid learner

    Hello! I'm new to forums like these so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing - I fully expect getting lost and posting in the wrong section. I registered here to further my knowledge of astrology, I'm mainly interested in the psychology/counseling aspect of it. So far, for as long as I can...