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  1. acmicasa

    Why Dahiya felt more harsh than Sadhe Sati?

    Looking back retrospectively, I find the experience of Dhaiya to be more severe than Sadhe Sati. I am still going through Dhaiya, but have started to feel relief since Mid Feb 2022, in alignment with the fact that the beginning of these effects started 5-6 months prior to Saturn changing sign...
  2. acmicasa

    Will I have a new relationship this month?

    It's been 4 years since I had any relationship. Had a pretty bad experience and fell into deep hole of depression, melancholy, they say and I figured it was. Took 4 years for me to get myself out and clear it from body, mind and soul. Now looking for a relationship. Will I have new relation this...
  3. acmicasa

    Will I be able to find sucess in my writing?

    After series of disappoint almost in every sphere of life, I haven't lost faith in myself. Sometimes, I feel, am I a dreamer or this feeling is a fake one? Everyone around me seems like happy with monotony of mediocre life, which I feel isn't for me in this life. I am meant to do something which...
  4. acmicasa

    Is there a new relation in next 6 months ?

    Is there a new love relation in next 6 months ? Chart link
  5. acmicasa

    What's wrong with opposite gender in a relationship?

    I have dated girls, either they turned out to be cheaters or manipulators or liars. Is it in general that they are like this or is it my bad luck that I end up with these kind of girls ? Do I have to accept all this nonsense ? In last relation, I was about to get married to this girl, but it...
  6. acmicasa

    Will she communicate back?

    I texted my ex after 2 years. She received the texts. Did she read my texts? Will we talk again?
  7. acmicasa

    Did she cheat on me?

    Did my ex cheated on me while she was with me? I was thinking about her (retro mercury) and I remember one instance where I felt she was little off her behavior. I believe she didn't. Anyways, the horary chart is attached.
  8. acmicasa

    Will K win over D?

    I am looking for outcome of game played between K and D. I read while delineating such question I should look for houses 1,2,5,7,8 and 11. Can anyone help how to make connections between these houses and make prediction? Chart is attached.
  9. acmicasa

    What are the chances of getting into relationship this year?

    What are the chances that I will end up having a new relation this year? I read this on forum by dr Farr "I give the South Node great importance in horary (I follow Gerard of Cremona, Agrippa and the Ankara tradition in this attitude) For me: -if the SN is in the 1st house, I consider the chart...
  10. acmicasa

    How hard Saturn period can be for a person?

    Sometimes it sounds illogical to rely on planets, and their effects on an individual. Its a skeptical thought but when we look at the empirical evidences of our life it does point to certain moments of life where life took turns, and when we see a major planetary moment that took place at the...
  11. acmicasa

    Is she interested in me? Should I ask her out?

    I met this girl on a conference and I felt connection between us. Is she really interested ? Should I ask her out ? I will be asking her out anyways but just wanted know if she is really interested in me?
  12. acmicasa

    When will I get married?

    It seems I am going to have late marriage or no marriage. I am getting proposals but I am looking for a compatible partner. When will I find a compatible partner and get married. Currently running Saturn MD. Details: 2 Feb 1986 00:22 Hours Khaga, Fatehpur
  13. acmicasa

    Will I get admission in the college?

    Querent significator Sun is separating from quesited significator Mars. Like all my horary, Moon is again in 12th house which is also separating from Mars. Does that mean I have no chance of getting the admission?
  14. acmicasa

    Will my investment return good profits in future?

    Hi, I have made investment in a company. The company has strong fundamentals. I believe that it has got potentials and will out perform in next few years. The company is of Energy Sector. What this chart indicates?
  15. acmicasa

    Tooth Problem. Will my new bridge be good ?

    Hi everyone, I am having tooth issue since very long. I got a new bridge in January this year but faced problems and waited as advised by doctor for 2 months as he wanted me to give time to bridge to settle down. It didn't and had to remove it recently. I will be getting new bridge done next...
  16. acmicasa

    Is this chart good for speculations?

    *******---------********** ------- ----- --- -
  17. acmicasa

    Does this office colleague of mine likes me?

    I have this question regarding an office colleague I worked with. Its been 3 years since I left that work place where we worked together. We have been in touch with each other as colleague/friends. Does she like me?
  18. acmicasa

    Will I buy new car by August 2018?

    Will I be able to buy the car by August this year?
  19. acmicasa

    Am I dating wrong set of women/girls?

    I have been dating with certain set/group of girls/women, and all were wonderful people, but compatibility turned out to be zero. The set refers to demography and ethnicity. I have dated only certain set of girls viz girls from my own country and have heisted to date someone foreigner. My...
  20. acmicasa

    Getting scholarship for online course, if selected will it be productive?

    I am looking for joining a course while I am working. I am thinking of starting in January next year. I had asked this question earlier regarding joining astrology course, but the chart was not favorable, and was indicating non-productive exercise. Recently I came across a scholarship program...