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  1. Prisma

    Case Lorenzo González-Murdered child-what can astrology tell us about this case?

    -They are going to charge for the crime a one arm-poor man who previously have been declared incompetent by reason of insanity. -General public opinion believes that it is a travesty, a manipulation of the legal system, with the purpose of declaring him again mentally unfit and close the...
  2. Prisma

    Case Lorenzo González-Murdered child-what can astrology tell us about this case? Ray Austin, after all this time, seems to have had one thing right: God will see to this...
  3. Prisma

    Case Lorenzo González-Murdered child-what can astrology tell us about this case?

    Case is getting noticed in the media again: opportunity to bring up negligence charges against the mother is about to expire in the spring of 2015. Sad indeed.
  4. Prisma

    Is Daughter a soul reincarnated?

    According to that time frame alone, it still a possibility. The important thing: I have a healthy, bright, beautiful daughter, God has been merciful and kind with me.
  5. Prisma

    Multi Composite for Prince George

    Like very much your insights, rahu.
  6. Prisma

    Virgo asc and Scorpio in 3rd house. How am I intellectually?

    Me too.:wink: Yup, this was my childhood too. I most remember been quiet watching everything... later as an adult discovered that my mother thought I was somewhat autistic... Better me having "an issue" than to acknowledge that she was hard, emotionally distant and a force to be feared. Add...
  7. Prisma

    Anyone read event of meeting someone?

    Yes, I understood it like that also. Still, it could be seen as a small fragment of the whole "misunderstanding" issue. I saw it as a pattern, and thought it could relate somehow. Maybe when the girl issue was another event, but the Saturn & Pluto still in each other houses... Meh, I'm just...
  8. Prisma

    Anyone read event of meeting someone?

    It sometimes happens like that... ;) yup, it was weird and felt like fated. Sometimes also we are own worst critics, and sometimes we are more attractive when we are relaxed, at ease. Looking at chart: Maybe Asc. Sco and 3rd house Cap., with ruler of one in the other is sort of part of the...
  9. Prisma

    Event: death of food lady

    Time of death has not been publicly shared by authorities. The only certain info so far is the time when body was found (from the original charts, the second one on the first post). Post #4: Natal chart of lady, no birth time. Post# 5: --First chart there: An earlier alleged time given as...
  10. Prisma

    Missing student since 06/10

    Student was found! He was found on a beach, the name of the beach, translated means "the Wall" :) He allegedly is suffering from depression. Thank God everything turned out O.K.
  11. Prisma

    Defy aging? Which sign aspects look the youngest?

    So far, true. Maybe a Gem. MC can also add to it...
  12. Prisma

    Missing student since 06/10

    Keeping practicing and learning horary: College student missing since 06/10. -Where is this student? -Will he be found? -Is he alive? Initially judging by the horary, I kind of think that he will be found (Sun and Moon above horizon, Ruler of the chart in the same house with the ruler...
  13. Prisma

    I am a happy Crab today!

    Good for you and wellcome, happy Crabby. No smilie from this end, though, I'm feelling kind of crabby and not in the good mood like you: could not sleep last night. Still, wish you the best, dear.
  14. Prisma

    Rank of Fame

    Re: Ptolemy's 6 Levels of Ranks Nice to read you again, Bob! :)
  15. Prisma

    Two headed kitten

    Kind of interesting, it was born in Gemini.
  16. Prisma

    Moon in libra

    My Sag Husband is a Libra Moon. He lost his mother as a toddler and was raised by father and grandmother. He also has a 9th house Cancer Saturn, very close to his MC, and besides that Saturn, no other planets in water. My husband is a charming person, considerate, handsome, very well liked...
  17. Prisma

    Venus in detriment makes the native ugly/unattractive??

    IT is Not Me. I need to look for that model's link or something, seems like I inadvertedly gathered a "starry eyed" fan club for her here (lol).
  18. Prisma

    Venus in detriment makes the native ugly/unattractive??

    Nope! :tongue: The interesting detail here is how the Virgo/earth quality may influence the way we feel about our image: You with the Sun there and also a Asc. and Mars in earth; me with just the asc. there (but also Saturn, that even if it is in an air sign, seriousness may be one of the...
  19. Prisma

    Venus in detriment makes the native ugly/unattractive??

    I have felt since little somewhat insecure of my looks. It got a little better when I grew up, but still, to be more confident, I need to go to the hairdresser, salon, etc, to be "made" (I also did not properly learn how to aply make up, etc). It has been something like the Cinderella effect...
  20. Prisma

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked if I should go to a party, where some of my high schools clasmates are... Feeling a little like Cinderella, but with no fairy godmother (at last minute, had to go see a relative with a medical emergency, so didn't had time to go the hairdresser or something). Tick toc... to be reckless...