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  1. Giti

    Eclipse Birth, Behavioural Issues, help needed w reading this chart

    Hello Astro brothers & sisters, I have attached the chart of a sweet lovely child near and dear to me. He was born a day after the 2017 major total solar eclipse. The family has dealt w massive issues w him, mostly behavioural, but also physical health issues. He was slow in speech development...
  2. Giti

    Birthday next week, SR chart analysis help needed

    Hi Astro Brothers & Sisters, I am launching my own software next month and this may be the first time in many years that I will have an income, a job, & I am beyond excited about that (long story, I will explain later, but I am ACTUALLY smiling after years of having not a lot of fun/joy in...
  3. Giti

    Allergy, Autoimmune, Health related issues/questions

    Hi Astro community, I am wondering if anyone can pick up on the sources of my mysterious gut issues and autoimmune issues and also allergies...I will write back on my various diagnosis but I won't say much bc I want to see what you all can see without me creating any bias...any diet tip...
  4. Giti

    Tired of ongoing mysterious health issues, please help

    Hi All, I got very sick with major digestive issues and pain in Dec 2019 and was sick into Jan. Doctors found nothing. Then I got sick with mysterious shortness of breath and breathing issues from March 2020 until summer of 2020, it was the worst in April and May I believe, with severe...
  5. Giti

    Hi all

    Hello all, name is Giti, I have been learning and practicing astrology for a decade. I am a scientist by education/training and I like to experiment and test astrology scientifically, as much as I can, and that is really my main interest. I am open to all schools of astrology however, I have...
  6. Giti

    Please help with diagnosis, lost at what to do next!

    A friend of mine's daughter has been to multiple doctors and top specialists already. All sorts. They have diagnosed her with celiac and gluten allergy, however, her neck twitching does not go away. They say it is nervous. That is all. Nervous. Her neck is bent and twitches like stroke patients...