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    Why has my partner changed?

    In the beginnings of our relationship, my partner was always there for me. But things have been strange for months. I've tried to talk to him about it and he always says he'll work on things but every time, thing changes. He disappears for days or weeks without a word, he gets unhealthily...
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    Emotional little taurus saying hello!

    Hello there! Just call me Tor. (Yep, short for Taurus-- felt like a good pen name for here!) I'll give you the run down I tell anyone who is interested in me astrologically! Sun in Taurus 8th house, Moon in Pisces 6th house, Ascendant is Virgo I got into astrology about two years ago and I've...
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    How Can I Help A Friend In Need?

    My best friend suffers from depression. Normally it's manageable and it doesn't hold him back. Lately, he's been having a much harder time. He feels as if he doesn't deserve happiness and will never have it and, in his words, he feels like he "should just go ahead and become used to it." He...