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  1. MoonSun

    if someone wants to practice on my birth chart, go ahead and feel free to pm. i'd like to see...

    if someone wants to practice on my birth chart, go ahead and feel free to pm. i'd like to see different perspectives and readings on it.
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    Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp; what's happening in the world?

    what causes these errors? what do you'll think? share your thoughts on the subject astrologically..
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    Read my chart

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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Take a look at the topic I just started btw, just a question; is there an active chatroom with the subject astrology or something? Can't find anything beside this forum
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    Degree method of Nikola Stojanovic

    Video link: The secrets of the zodiac degrees Also interesting to read: Site link: Is there someone who uses and can read charts by degree like this? I also like how honest he is. If something is bad, he will sure say it and...
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    Baby Sussex

    Yea, but they can influence on what they give as birth time to the official registry
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    Baby Sussex

    Why would royal or important people publice their birth info? They have private astrologers and wouldn't want the world know their personal stuff so I never trust the dates or time of birth who are published by them or others
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    Anything stand out?

    Yes, true. I mostly ment (sorry for my English, I'm not an native speaker) that the planet placements in signs are the same, like Jupiter scorpio, saturn pisces, uranus neptune capricorn. (not degrees, placement of houses etc) Of course it would have a completely different meaning and effect.
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    Can you guess my rising sign?

    Up!!! Keep it going
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    Possible hacker?

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    Are Virgo Risings unattractive?

    Sophia Loren is a Virgo sun, venus and neptune/ Capricorn rising. She has many qualities and recognisable virgo appearance too in some kind of way. She still is beautiful and attractive
  12. MoonSun

    Are Virgo Risings unattractive?

    Don't agree with your opinion. Virgo comes from virgin, yes, has that innocent kind of beauty and innocence attracts too. Why you only talk about lbj? If I take a look on his appearance (don't know the political side and what kind of person he was, so I only judge right now on appearance), he...
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    Are Virgo Risings unattractive?

    Oh dear :D :D :D
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    Are Virgo Risings unattractive?

    If the ascendant or the ruler (it doesn't matter in which sign it is) has great aspects and is easy blending with each other, then you have no chance to be unattractive or to be ugly. Every sign has a different character and general appearance (in virgo it makes everything kind of smaller for...
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    Why are they acting strange?

    doesn't work; link expired
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    Predicting number of children in a chart

    Try vedic astrology.
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    Chat Thread

    An unknown user here as you see, learning astrology.
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    ''Critical'' 29 degrees question

    CapAquaPis, I don't think it's that simple, so, no I don't think it could mean an early death. There need to be more aspects showing this. But if you have this degree in Pisces in 8th house like me, you would know for sure it has to do with death.