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  1. C0rnholio

    Love with foreigners or in foreign land

    What a blast from the past! I haven't been very active here lately, but I can post an update about my love life. I recently married a Brazilian woman that I met on the plane 1.5 years ago while we both traveled from Sao Paulo to the US. We sat next to each other, and one thing led to another...
  2. C0rnholio

    Natal Libra Ascendant Progressing Into Scorpio

    Welcome to the club, Munch. It's like... What took you so long? Isn't it?
  3. C0rnholio

    Transits to your chart ruler

    This time of the year transiting Sun conjuncts my Chart Ruler, Venus in Virgo in 12th. I realized I do not like it when my Venus becomes more active. It does not do me any good, perhaps because of it being in fall and in the 12th house.
  4. C0rnholio

    Moon conjunct Neptune, anyone else have this?

    My Moon is the best-aspected planet in my chart, conjunct Neptune in 3rd, and my mom indeed has heavy martyr tendencies. I am having to constantly educate, explain and teach her self-sacrifices aren't doing any good for anyone, others and herself included. I've been working on keeping myself...
  5. C0rnholio

    Do I have any relationship needs?

    Now I wonder if my question is too advanced, or nobody likes me. Or both... maybe everyone on this forum who knows astrology and also likes me has misbehaved and was banned forever.
  6. C0rnholio

    Request to kindly view my chart

    Re: Will be buy a home? Kindly tell me what the charts say! This is a Horary astrology question. So you should make a Horary chart. Sorry, I do not know much about Horary. Also, your husband's birthday is in December. The chart says September. But natal charts are not relevant to horary...
  7. C0rnholio

    Sun conjunct Venus, how does this play out?

    Oh, yes, makes sense. This is also a property of Moon in Aquarius. But with your Aquarius Moon/Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune stellium you should be a quite emotionally healthy and happy person. So does this issue with emotions even bother you in any way?
  8. C0rnholio

    Do I have any relationship needs?

    Oh, come on, guys and girls. Please tell me what you see. You know it's hard to be objective looking at your own chart. This is why I am asking you. Should I just stick with someone who excites my Mars, the ruler of the Descendant, and who does not bother my Venus?
  9. C0rnholio

    Sun conjunct Venus, how does this play out?

    Venus conjunct Sun in Aries makes you more sociable, more of an Aries, more open, but a Saturn in a stellium with the Sun adds a lot of insecurity and makes you more reserved. This could play our as a search for a social validation. However, with all the three planets being in the 9th house...
  10. C0rnholio

    Do I have any relationship needs?

    Hi everybody, Do I have any relationship needs? What could an astrologically perfect relationship do for me? I have been noticing that the only two consistent reasons that I need relationships for are: communication and sex. But both of those reasons are kind of starting to wear off and get...
  11. C0rnholio

    Two years of Pluto and Saturn transits coming - Cool pics inside!

    Too bad most of the bright minds and long-time contributors of this forum have been banned. It's like I do not know anyone on this forum anymore, like some kind of purge of the infidels has happened.
  12. C0rnholio

    Two years of Pluto and Saturn transits coming - Cool pics inside!

    I just wanted to thank EJ53 one more time. His recognition of Religion in my chart was extremely spot-on. More accurately it turned out to be Philosophy. The definition of Philosophy is "the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge...
  13. C0rnholio

    what is the best moon sign (with sun sign pairing)

    Or you could become more agreeable when someone is driving through your neighborhood and wants to have a relationship. :-)
  14. C0rnholio

    How to attract a Leo Male

    Have you done 1 through 5 from the list above?
  15. C0rnholio

    Uranus :)

    I've had Saturn in my 1st house for about the same time as well, and I know what you mean. But with Uranus in the 7th house comes the feeling of liberation. All of a sudden you are not looking to lifelong relationships. And you are right, anything strange and unusual starts feeling attractive...
  16. C0rnholio

    Uranus :)

    I am 6 degrees ahead on you, so listen up! With Uranus in your 7th house you may abruptly stop caring about relationships. This is a really weird feeling to us, Libra ascendants. I am thinking it will last about 7 years. Then, about 5 years after that Neptune will walk into your 7th house...
  17. C0rnholio

    How was your Uranus transit?

    I would take up extreme sports. Mars square Uranus would incline you towards that. Also, plan not to have significant relationships 6 years from now because the T. Uranus conjunct Venus may end them.
  18. C0rnholio


    Maybe it wasn't 4 degrees off. People are wrong about their birth time by up to 15 minutes all the time.
  19. C0rnholio


    So all those who thought that she had a Fire ascendant really felt her four personal Aries and Sag planets. Those who thought it she had a Leo or a Pisces ascendant really saw a Pisces Sun on the MC. My biggest clue was her Mars. It is obviously more prominent than it would have been had it...
  20. C0rnholio

    Saturn in the 9th house

    I have Saturn in the 9th house, square Ascendant. It it my most elevated planet. I do not like religion, I sway away from it. I am not an atheist but a skeptic. Atheism is also a religion, in case someone didn't know. Faith is fine, if practiced in private, but organized religion scares me at...