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  1. C0rnholio

    Do I have any relationship needs?

    Hi everybody, Do I have any relationship needs? What could an astrologically perfect relationship do for me? I have been noticing that the only two consistent reasons that I need relationships for are: communication and sex. But both of those reasons are kind of starting to wear off and get...
  2. C0rnholio

    Self-Realization of a Generation (Pluto in Libra or Uranus in Libra)

    Moved to Natal Astrology (mods, please delete this post)
  3. C0rnholio

    A documentary on Netflix about Pluto: "The Pluto Files: Nova"

    Just watched a cool documentary on Netflix about Pluto. It *is* a Planet, no matter what others have been saying. Also, it has an elliptical orbit and it sometimes comes to us closer than Neptune. A very cool and educational documentary. Fun to watch. :)...
  4. C0rnholio

    I talk to my planets

    I have discovered something important today... I found a way to deal with the planets in my chart. Scroll to the bottom if you want the cliff notes version. Or keep reading. (Pardon my language, I promise it will become better later in the post)...
  5. C0rnholio

    Solar Arc Moon conjunct DC

    My friend's (female) Solar Arc Moon will be conjunct her DC this year. What could it mean? - Good/Bad? (Moon is generally good, I am thinking). - The own self-relationships axis (getting into a relationship, a marriage) Those rarely ever show. - Could it mean having a baby? This is my best...
  6. C0rnholio

    Is George Clooney a closeted gay?

    I just read some news about George Clooney and his private life: He says he was married 18 years ago and does not want to marry anymore. But he is gamn good-looking, so I am curious why such strong judgments. I...
  7. C0rnholio

    Will I have a child with V?

    This is my first Horary question ever. I guess I should have started with something unimportant and immediately verifiable, but I couldn't think of anything unimportant at this time. I met this girl many years ago. She is the love-of-my-life#2. She lives far away, in another state. We had...
  8. C0rnholio

    Sleeping with the enemy - OR - The most weird vacation ever

    I am going on a 5-day cruise this Saturday with my soon-to-be-ex girlfriend. We actually thought to end the relationship 2 weeks ago, but the cruise and the airfare are all paid for and it is silly to cancel and lose most of the money. So... I feel like we are one of those common American...
  9. C0rnholio

    Is today a National Dead Battery Day??

    It's an unusual day today, I had 4 batteries die on me (today, August 10th). A car's battery at work, a generator's battery at work, a laptop's battery at home, and my cell phone's battery. How can I blame the stars for this, help me out! :biggrin:
  10. C0rnholio

    Moon Square Venus in Natal Chart

    There is a new and very cool AstroClick® Love thingie at I found the best description of how a natal chart Moon squaring Venus plays out in love relationships: I've been living with this condition since 1973 :wink: Initially I was always sad when I desired someone but they did not...
  11. C0rnholio

    My most important astrological question EVER!

    Hi everybody, This is the most important astrological question of my whole life. I met this chica a couple of years ago, under pretty bazaar circumstances. We dated for a couple of months, casually, then she broke it off. I didn't care much at that time because of how we met, and because she...
  12. C0rnholio

    Need some education: Which charts to use when?

    I would like to learn when to use which chart. There are natal charts, relocation charts, transits, progressed, solar arcs, solar return, lunar return, horary, synastry (bi-wheel, composite, Davison, first meeting charts), etc... It seems that for any given occasion one can start looking at at...
  13. C0rnholio

    My Mars is HUGE!

    My Mars is big, red, and really HUGE these days (T Mars conj Sun). It's ENORMOUS. It is also a leg of my cardinal T-Square with the Uranus in the opposition and Mercury at the apex. The "empty" leg is in Capricorn, and in 2-4 years I will have a T Pluto in there to form a cardinal Grand Cross...
  14. C0rnholio

    Two years of Pluto and Saturn transits coming - Cool pics inside!

    Guys, could you please take a look at my transits, progressions, and solar return charts. I want to learn but I have no idea what to make even out of my own charts. I know I am about to enter 2 years of Pluto and Saturn transits. Many relationships are supposed to be broken, but I really do not...
  15. C0rnholio

    Relocation - Making Lemonade out of Lemons

    I remember reading somewhere that there are no "good" or "bad" charts. Not sure if I believe that, but that doesn't matter. I just had a nap and came up with a new understanding of my relocation issues. Relocation issues will be there no matter what. There are always pros and cons to every...
  16. C0rnholio

    A Love Triangle

    I have an interesting question. I recently found myself in a the middle of a very peculiar situation. The classic love triangle where "A" loves "B" and "B" loves "C", and I happen to be the "B" in the middle. A ---> B ---> C or A :love:---> B B :love:---> C Being the "B" person, I am able...
  17. C0rnholio

    Neptune Conjunct Moon in 3rd house - What to do about it?

    Hi everybody! My Neptune Conjunct Moon in 3rd house in Sagittarius. I am very imaginative, which helps me in my engineering area where inventiveness and ingenuity is required. It's also good for some other emotional and intangible areas of life. But I also discovered that this position of...