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  1. Phoenix Venus

    Children of the Light

    This is a group chat for all Children of Light to discuss matters pertaining to The One. Om Prema Nam Om.
  2. Phoenix Venus

    I made an Astrology Video!

    I made an Astrology video on the sabians symbols in astrology. Please watch and give me feedback! Was it useful? Would you watch more videos if I made them? Like, subscribe and comment if it please you!
  3. Phoenix Venus

    Psyche & Cosmos Advanced Course What do you all think of this? Anyone interested in signing up? The 18 week course starts in January.
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    One word to one verse, one sword to slay the curse, a geometric proposition, of a meddling situation, medallion of creation, my concentration, is my patience, no need to persuade this. My blessings stem from lessons, one thirty seven is my question, if u dial am to fm, of 1979 directions...
  5. Phoenix Venus

    Reel Thoughts

    Reel Big Fish is an American ska punk band from Huntington Beach, California, best known for the 1997 hit "Sell Out".
  6. Phoenix Venus

    Real Thoughts

    Real talk. Real babies only take their first breath once they've gotten slapped. Real timers did it already. Real astrologers use 100.
  7. Phoenix Venus

    Out Of Bounds Moon

    OOB moon, does it mean anything significant? I found this interesting quote
  8. Phoenix Venus

    The Grand Canyon

    Has anyone travelled to the Grand Canyon? Share your experience! Pics are welcome. Im fascinated by the place and Id love to visit there. I was thinking about how the grand canyon would be expressed through piercethevales runic explanation of the zodiac, which goes something like this: Aries...
  9. Phoenix Venus

    The PI thread

    PI, not to be mistaken for private investigation, is a thread for posting politically incorrect comments. The muslims are currently fasting for Ramadan. Please dont **** them off, they are extra grumpy.
  10. Phoenix Venus

    Number Letter Fest

    23vfd4674vggfdefv 24vfd456vgdstu sasvy565555 fdssssf5555444 6754gdhiu&44*6gfd 323edft456 Fun stuff, fun stuff.
  11. Phoenix Venus

    Paycheck to Paycheck

    Many people today accept and maintain a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful, damaging to the self esteem, and wreckless. Many others dig an even deeper hole, into debt. Save your money, folks. All you have to do is start saving. You dont always need that...
  12. Phoenix Venus

    Historical Figures and The Part of Fortune

    Welcome my home skillets. In this thread we are going to be taking a look at the part of fortune.:parsfortunae: The parts can be an elusive topic amongst astrologers, but with some understanding they are strikingly accurate. Is the part of fortune truly significant? Yes, I say it is, and after...
  13. Phoenix Venus

    Dr Ruth Drown: Radionic Healing

    This is an interesting article that i randomly clicked on at astrodienst. An astrological synopsis of Dr. Drown's chart. She practiced what is known as radionic healing. She was taking pictures of organs with a drop of blood. The healing process has something to do with projecting the...
  14. Phoenix Venus

    Random Questions

    What if everyone could hear each others thoughts?
  15. Phoenix Venus

    A Confession..

    The other day, my friend asked "what is your favorite land animal?" And the word CAT appeared in my mind. I was taken aback. I believe this to be a sign. They are attempting to take over my brain. There doesnt appear to be much time left. Meow. ...Oops :tongue:
  16. Phoenix Venus

    Do you ever get..?

    Do you ever get tired of the impermenance of existence? The continual temporary movement? Going from one thing to the next, remembering this, forgeting that. We seem so driven by our desires, by our temporariness. The idea that my head my will continue on an endless stream of changing thoughts...
  17. Phoenix Venus

    Purpose & Destiny

    Gather round the campfire, boys and girls, it's Kumbaya time! I want to know if you believe you have found your purpose, your higher calling, your destiny. And if you have, what is it? How did you find it? And is it shown in your chart? Maybe astrology even helped you to find it? If your...
  18. Phoenix Venus

    Uranus Retrograde 2017

    I was taking a look at the upcoming Uranus retrograde, and so far the symbolism is quite interesting. The degree in which a planet turns retrograde symbolically represents the concept that it needs to temporarily turn back from. It needs to pick up something for re-evaluation before it can...
  19. Phoenix Venus

    league of Legends

    Does anyone play league? I'm addicted. Let's talk about it.
  20. Phoenix Venus

    Do you believe in..?

    Creationism? Evolution? Do you think theres room for both?