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    Recently I asked will I finally be in a stable relationship by the end of the year? I think it looks promising. Moon will soon leave Gemini and conjuct 7th ruler of partnership in Cancer. Venus and Moon is in the 3rd House, maybe someone who lives in my city (not a small one I may add). I...
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    Closer to being with someone?

    This may be a strange question or at least phrased strangely but I asked am I close to meeting someone significant, such as marriage/long-term relationship? In other words a when question. The chart has capricorn rising, Saturn rx will soon conjunct the Moon. Venus natural signifactor of love...
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    Is there someone else?

    My friend sent me this chart last night. She is dating this guy but she wants to know is he seeing other girls ? So she is the Sun, he is 7th Saturn. So I’m going to take a stab at this and say Yes, he is. But it most likely not serious. Or he isn’t taking anyone serious at the moment...
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    Which house for teacher?

    What house is for preparing to be a teacher? Like the tefl? I think the 3rd. Am I right?
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    Will I marry in five years?

    I casted this chart three years ago :lol:. I never got it read but it’s almost the five years mark. What do you guys think? I have a chance still? I see a NO, because moon is so far away from applying a trine to Venus, lord of the 7th. Moon wil sextile Saturn first, resulting in a no. But...
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    Will I be in a serious relationship soon?

    Will she be in a relationship soon? She asked this last month. It is her chart, so she is the first house. She is dating a guy but doesn’t think it’ll work out. She didn’t have him in mind, unless the chart is focusing on the, two but I don’t know. I see a yes, moon trine 7th House ruler and...
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    Will we ever be together again?

    My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. Due to the distance, I broke it off. It is too painful for me. We have been together a few years. I am trying to be calm and not get to distraught about this. I feel it is for the best, but again I keep having second thoughts. I...
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    Will I move to...

    Hey guys. I am wondering will I travel to F city this year? I used to live there many years and I want to ideally go by Summer this year but I am not too sure if that is possible. So I just asked if I will travel there anytime this year? So F is a foreign city, ruler is 9th house which is...
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    Is he indifferent?

    I don't want to make a long story but basically over this Summer an ex tried to get me back (he showed regret over dumping me lol)...I have since moved on and with someone. He didn't know that, I told him, & he seemed a bit bummed and sad. I casted this horary back in September, was curious if...
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    Will he contact me again?

    So to make a long story short a guy I used to date last Summer (very brief courtship) wants to see me and I guess he's flirting with me. I told him back last fall that I am with someone and its best we don't see each other again. He said okay and that is happy for me! I thought I closed that...
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    Will we go?

    There is a concert I really want to see. Will my bf and I go to Switzerland this August to attend this concert? I'll add my interpretation in a bit. Thank you.
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    Will he get a job this year?

    Will my bf find a job? Specifically near where he currently lives? If all else fails he'll have to leave his home country. But do you see him finding a job here? Thanks. My interpretation: I think this chart isn't so bad. He is Venus in fall. I think I see this as he's impatient and not very...
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    Will he get that job?

    My bf has been having a lot of trouble finding a stable job. Will he work for this company? It pretty much is his dream job. He knows several people who work there. Ruler of his 10th is at 29'14 Pisces. He is Mercury, not sure what he is doing there in the 5th. But POF is in his house...
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    Will go to the music festival together?

    Hello everyone today. Will my bf and I attend a festival in Germany together this summer? I have the money but he has little this point I'm not sure if we even will go. I much rather go with him and I will definitely enjoy it more. The chart seems positive. Festival I think is...
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    Did I hurt his feelings?

    I unceremoniously dumped a guy I was seeing back in September. Well last time we went out was in August...we met in May. I was pretty mean but I didn't do it on purpose lol...I was just annoyed at his texts and plus I am currently seeing another gentleman :biggrin:. This guy, while we dated...
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    Will we continue?

    Currently casually dating a nice gentleman. I may be leaving or changing cities soon. I want to know if we'll continue seeing each other this fall at least. I'm not currently looking for long - term. I am exaltation of Mars, I am focused on career. He is Venus in Scorpio in the 12th, he is...
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    Will we become a couple?

    I am currently dating a guy casually. We will become a real couple. It won't hurt my feelings if it's a no as I'm not super in love or anything but I do like him of course. I think the chart points to a no. Moon is in Aires trines my signifactor. Our main signifactors don't aspect...
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    Slightly annoyed with a guy

    So I got asked out by a guy that lives in my city. We met via a dating app but I recently deleted my profile as I am working/studying so many hours a week so it's difficult to arrange dates etc. Anyway, I got on nicely with this guy. We started chatting beginning of May and chatted for a few...
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    Will we connect on our date?

    Good evening. I got asked out unexpectedly by this very charismatic gentlemen on Saturday evening. He said he saw me before but didn't know how to approach me. We exchanged numbers. He did call. We have a date Saturday. How will my date go? Will we have chemistry, nice conversation etc? He...
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    Will I fail at my job?

    I got a temporary job that starts in May. I am insecure and a bit scared of starting. It is a prestigious lab and it does pay but it was set up via my school. Will I do well? I just feel I am not good enough.