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  1. watchman512

    1st meeting !!!

    I am meeting a new lady for the 1st time on dec 30. We have been in internet correspondance for a while now. just curious to see if this relationship could work, if one of us make to move to live with the other. Attached are both charts, as i am unable to do composite reading chart,
  2. watchman512

    womans Lillith conj male moon

    Afternoon all, recently i have met quite an interesting lady,and hope it will lead into a relationship. I am eager to discover what the interpretation is of Her Lillith in the 9th house conj exactly my moon, also her saturn in the 12th house trines my moon in the composite chart. I do perceive...
  3. watchman512

    Other Aspects & Rulers in Horary

    Evening Enlightened One's. Just a simple thought has occured to me,hope someone may shed more light on it for me :-) When the Querent being signified by the planets that rule the Asc, could also you consider the primary asteriods Vesta,Juno,Ceres,Pallas ? If any of these occupy the 1st house...
  4. watchman512

    Relationship aspects

    Re: Sexual attraction - the role of Venus and Mars aspects. Evening Enlightened One's As for me, well i have started a new relationship with a lady. Even though we dont have many personal planets in aspects, the combination of Eros,Psyche,Juno,Ceres as well as strong ascendent & Vx aspects...
  5. watchman512

    Relationship possibilities

    :D Evening Enlightened Ones. Attached below is my natal chart.Now this maybe horary,though i would like to ask about what transits,progressions etc are about or coming up that could influence relationships on a personal and intimate level.I am still single and have been for a while and hope...
  6. watchman512

    Pluto Conj Galatic Centre

    Hi Crew, As we all know , on the 28 oct 2007 , Pluto will once again meet the galatic centre @ 26 Sagg 57. Situation is that also on thisa day at the exact time, i will be arriving in Egypt for a holiday. I have included my natal chart if any one is helpful enough to give me some assistance...
  7. watchman512

    Will we ever meet ???

    I met this lady 02/09, and decided to travel to egypt oct 28. But she has not been incontact with me for over 2weeks. So my question is that " Will we ever meet" ? I cannot get image to load, so here are details 28S00 153E26 8.54 PM AEST 02/10/2007 ASC 19 Taurus 49 Moon 26 gemini 30
  8. watchman512

    Chiron in Composite Charts

    Evening Enlightened One's. In my natal & my lady friends natal composite chart, we have Chiron 14 Aries in the 4th house opp Juno at 9 Libra Mercury at 12 Libra Sun at 12 Libra Venus at 13 Libra Uranus at 15 Libra All these in the 10th So my question is, Is this relationship going to...
  9. watchman512

    Total Eclipse 28/08/2007

    Evening Enlightened Ones. This month as we all know will be a total Eclipse @ 4'46" Pisces. This Eclipse will have the following aspects to my natal Chart, which is already on this site. Would Lve to hear any news that any of you might shed upon this. t / Moon Conj Jupiter @ 05 Pisces in the...
  10. watchman512

    Is the relationship that will last ?

    Evening Enlightened Ones. I met a girl on Sat morn about 2 AM. We hit it off really well. I hope that this relationship will take off & last ? We met 2 am 23/06/2007 -10.00 AEST 28S00 153E26 Please tell me if you require other data, my chart is in the forums
  11. watchman512

    Transiting Uranus

    Evening Enlightened One's On Tues the 3rd April i will have Uranus conj my Natal moon at 16 pisces 16 in the 2nd house for the 1st time.Sept 21st Uranus will hit this point again by Retrograde motion, and then direct again 24/01/2008 By the way 2nd house cusp is at 15 Pisces 41. Have read up...
  12. watchman512

    Leaving for Japan

    Evening Enlightened One's On the 17th of March i am leaving for Japan. Though what puzzles me is that both Uranus & NN by transit are conj my natal moon @ 16 Pisces in the 8th house.My natal chart is 5th dec 1962 Melbourne Aust @ 10AM. Would appreciate any news or thoughts on this...
  13. watchman512

    Spiritual Teachers

    Hello enlightened ones Do any of you have a copy or know whereby i can get a copy of the natal chart for the following people Gurdjieff Helena P Blavatsky Immanuel Velikovsky Franz Bardon
  14. watchman512


    Evening enlightened ones I know this maybe a touchy subject, though i am curious as to what would trigger suicide in a person. Pluto yes is one of the 1st that come to mind, though what would you consider as other triggers,houses,transists etc? The reason i ask is that more and more young...
  15. watchman512

    The Solar Logos

    Evening enlightened one's A question has been asked to myself, though i have not been able to locate a relaible source for the answer, hope you could all help. Is the radiation which is emmited from the solar logos (The SUN), and reflected off by the planets in our local solar system, & to...
  16. watchman512

    Soul Connection

    Evening enlightened one's I have heard along the grapevine, that moon opp moon in synastry is an ideal or optimun position in a relationship chart. It is as if we see in the other, what we seek within ourself. We all know that the moons energy is reflective as well as magnetic,though it is...
  17. watchman512

    Prior life existance

    Evening enlightened one's My question is simple,or you could actually say it is an interesting exercise. I have discussed & heard from others about how you can determine your past life experiences, and actually determine when you passed away in the previous incarnation. From the ASC you move...
  18. watchman512

    Fixed Star Conjuctions

    Evening to all, I have the following 2 fixed stars Conj my POF, would appreciate some feedback & interpretation :-) Have read up a bit, though to tie in with the POF is puzzling me. CAPULUS. 24 TAU 12 Constellation.Perseus.+57.09'The Ethiopian Queen is associated the Hebrew letter Beth and...
  19. watchman512

    Mystic Rectangles

    Evening to all once again, Would like to her people's thoughts on the meaning & interpretation of the Mystic Rectangle configurations within the natal chart. What would you consider to be the maximum allowed degrees of seperation between the aspects ?
  20. watchman512

    Will i ever find true Love ???

    Well its the age old question :-) My chart details 5th /Dec /1962 10 am Melbourne Australia