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    Distinguishing Mercury 4th house and 5th house?

    Hi everyone! I would like to hear some of your insights if you have Mercury in 4th house or 5th house. A lot of my planets fall on my 4th house and it's hard for me to distinguish whether my Mercury is in my 5th house or in my 4th house? Any help would be greatly appreciated :biggrin: Libra...
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    How do you look for Astrologers?

    I don't really know how to find astrologers especially here in the Philippines. How do I find them? Do astrologers have an organization or something? I wish to have an in-depth interpretation of my chart somewhere near. Any recommendations? Anyway, if you do not know of any from my place...
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    Please Read My Chart!

    :innocent: Hello! :D My birth time in the chart below is not exact, however, it is my approximation of my birth time :D All that I'm sure of is I wasn't born past 11:00PM in the Philippines and I fit best in the second decan of my ascendant. Is there any way to know one's exact birth time? Or...
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    My First Thread Ever!

    :innocent: Hello everyone! This is my first post ever! ^_^ I think I'm gonna like it here. January 18, 1994 is my birthday and I couldn't ask for any better day. It was the same day as the Cando event! I was born around 10:30-11:00 PM in Legazpi, Philippines and have been reading about...