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  1. waterbaby12

    Is saturn in the 7th still make it unreadable if Its about relationships?

    I am suuuuper new to horary astrology but can still see this chart is veryyyyy indicative of the relationship or lack there of i am enquiring about - will me and ____ ever be together? (the saturn conjunct his natal saturn) I would *REALLY* appreciate if someone could give me some insight on...
  2. waterbaby12

    sun opp sun/moon opp moon + north node conjunct sun in synastry?

    regarding this - is there any other vibes you get from the chart? things jumping out? also what is the sun opp sun/moon opp moon doing if anything other than showing how different we are? please be as blunt and direct as possible :)
  3. waterbaby12

    Can anyone recommend a good astrologer for a reading?

    I am looking to get a real reading - I was thinking about nicole hunstman from modern cosmic as I love the way she explains things and I truly think she is gifted but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations?
  4. waterbaby12

    moon in scorpio on 8th house cusp?

    Hi... I am a bit confused about cusps and what they actually mean.. i know the intensity from my moon being in the 7th house means its expressed in my relationships with others but with it being on the 8th house cusp what does this entail?
  5. waterbaby12

    north node conjunct pluto in scorpio in the 8th?

    can anyone tell me what this could mean? im finding it difficult to find information online
  6. waterbaby12

    incompatible with 90% of people. Why such tense power struggles?

    Hi... So as of late I have come to the realisation that I am incompatible with the vast majority of people and I feel very misunderstood. I know this is probably because of my 12th house stellium. Looking at my chart - which signs would be typically a good match for me? A lot of my friends...
  7. waterbaby12

    Opposite sun and opposite moon synastry?

    Hi I have tried to look up aspects in regards to our synastry but I'm struggling to see those more significant and therefore get a kind of 'bigger picture' on the whole thing. Can you please help me with this synastry chart? I know my pisces sun is opposite his virgo sun and my scorpio moon is...
  8. waterbaby12

    Sun/Asc/Venus/Saturn Pisces but Dominant sign/planet in Scorpio/Pluto

    Hi everyone! Please can someone explain to me the significance of dominant planets? does this explain why I feel so much more scorpio than pisces? does the mutability of pisces also dictate the fixedness of scorpio over ruling it? Any thoughts welcome!!
  9. waterbaby12

    can anyone please help me? will I ever catch a break? (transits)

    Hi everyone - I have received various help recently in regards to actually breaking down my chart bit by bit and having understood thus far - now I am looking to transits to tell me if for the love of jesus christ I will ever get a break and if so WHEN? any thing about any planets that jumps...
  10. waterbaby12

    Power in a birth chart? What makes someone 'powerful'?

    I am curious as to what aspects are commonly thought of as powerful?
  11. waterbaby12

    Stationary (R) Pluto & Jupiter?

    What does this mean? I've read it means it amplifies what those planets mean and with them being stationary retrograde does it mean those are even harder lessons? I've attached my birth chart
  12. waterbaby12

    Can someone help me understand asteroids in relation to my chart?

    Hi.. so I am fairly new to astrology and I've attatched my charts - one with asteroids one with no asteroids I would really love for someone to tell me what the placement of my asteroids mean in relation to my chart?
  13. waterbaby12

    Scorpio Moon - Daddy issues - Sex

    I have a lot of plutonic energy and scorpio in my chart - would this (paired with an absent father figure - sun in the 12th house) lead me to have daddy issues which are manifested in sex?
  14. waterbaby12

    Moon + Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto square mars and mercury

    I am very much a pisces but I feel a lot more scorpio a lot of the time. with pisces being mutable does the fixed scorpio energy and the squares with my mars and mercury explain this? or refute it?
  15. waterbaby12

    Not many young men interested in astrology? dismissive even?

    It seems all the young men I speak to - I say young - I am young myself but I mean men basically up to 30+ who seemingly have no interest in astrology - I've literally never met another man who is not dismissive of it or extremely skeptical? why could this be?
  16. waterbaby12

    Sun in 12th house absent/dead father figure?

    I read somewhere people with their sun in the 12th house either have an absent/dead/unhealthy relationship with their father figure? I myself have my sun in the 12th house and had a very unhealthy relationship with my father and now absent... thoughts?
  17. waterbaby12

    Sun/Venus/Saturn/Asc in Pisces 12th house - why and how attract capricorn moons?

    I couldn't fully write what I wanted to say in the title of this thread but upon looking over past relationships and 'romantic connections' I noticed one thing. nearly every man that has had intense strong feelings for me - in a way they haven't for anyone else - me being their 'first' love as...
  18. waterbaby12

    Orb question- how tight does it have to be in synastry?

    I have read in various websites it has to be as small as 3 in synastry but here I have read it can be 10?! I've attached my chart and that of someone else who I had thought to have an opposite moon and sun sign because of the sign I didn't even know orbs were a thing. Can someone explain this...
  19. waterbaby12

    transformative synastry????

    This is my chart and the incomplete chart of a person I couldn't possibly find out the time in which he was born - could you tell me anything as to why I was so affected by him? sexually we couldn't be more compatible and I feel almost changed by the experience - it was a someone I had been to...
  20. waterbaby12

    scorpio moon in the 7th house conjunct jupiter?

    what does this mean to you?