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  1. EhTeam

    Lost wedding Ring: In my house I think

    I would like to know if I am on the right track for figuring out this chart. I am having an issue with finding my wedding ring. I have not left my house much beyond the gym yet there was no ring turned in there. The last place I remember having my ring was on my desk. Occasionally my cat...
  2. EhTeam

    Sun Sign Word Clouds

    A word cloud is a group of words pulled from a body of text. The higher the frequency, the larger the word, and color. I gathered words from the text of 3-4 websites, so they are not what I think is most prominent with each sign, but rather multiple. Example: Pisces has the word...
  3. EhTeam

    Animals + Natal Chart

    I have run across things from time to time that give you a horriblescope for your pet. In horary, you can assign a natal chart to an object, or question, so am I corrent in thinking that you could draft a chart for a pet? Did you pick your animal or put thought into it's natal chart before...
  4. EhTeam

    Did I do this right?

    I want to know if I am doing this right so far, and have a few questions as well. Chart: Question: Will I get accepted into grad school in the next 6 months? Querent: Sun @ 4th house Quesited: Jupiter @ 9th house Time...
  5. EhTeam

    Will I get into grad school?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Question: Will I get accepted into grad school in the next 6 months? ~~~~~~ info: 10pm PST Washington Grad school chart Applications go out by January 15th Reject/Interview letters go out in February Interviews are in March Six months would be...
  6. EhTeam

    Question Update

    This is a bit vague, as the person I spoke with was in Chat. I asked the question, Will I be moving within the next year? Background: My husband is in the military, and his end of contract falls in January. I knew he would be reenlisting, but is currently deploeyed. He has very limited or no...
  7. EhTeam

    Handshake style - which house?

    I found my question in chat.
  8. EhTeam

    Sesame Street Video for Leo :)

    I'll own up to loving this song if no one else does. AND, fwiw, the astro chart for Jim Henson :whistling:,_Jim
  9. EhTeam

    10/4 - 10/10 -Transitions Rants & Raves!

    This is something I have on another website that is non astro related. Every week we post our 'rants and raves' to vent or brag about certain issues. To go with this website, anyone have a rant or rave for a transition this week of October 4th-10th? Looking forward to something? Enjoying a...
  10. EhTeam

    Astro Chart Question

    Aspect symbol: Are these the same on Astro charts? I am getting better at reading them, but the aspect symbols are so tiny!
  11. EhTeam

    Hair is the deal....

    I love my hair, but I wanted to go short. Over the last year, I have got shorter and shorter until today, it got cut to the top of my neck. This is the shortest it has been, and I don't know if I will go this short again, but it is fun for the time being! Hair it is, from longer hair, to...
  12. EhTeam

    What are these parts?

    I am not sure if this exists, but I was wondering if there was a thread or chart that told about what part of my chart means...not aspects or interpertation, but below the actuall graph. If there is a link on the Astro site that explains it, I would be willing to read that. I have attatched a...
  13. EhTeam

    People reading skills - failed

    That is part of my signature line, not my full chart. Thanks for the links, I found my info elsewhere!
  14. EhTeam

    Twins / Triplet Chart

    Is there anything that needs to be taken into consideration for a multiple birth? What if the babies were born premature? Whether naturally, or with C section the only thing to differ potentially is the ASC, right?
  15. EhTeam

    Geek & Gamer Girl Video

    Geek & Gamer Girl Video! My husband and I are huge geeks, and gamers as well. I am playing Final Fantasy as I type this. Anyhow, I thought I would share this amazing geeky video. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Star Wars Shout Outs in “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Music Video...
  16. EhTeam

    Funny YouTube Video

    This video just makes me laugh! +1 If you can guess his Sun Sign rofl...I was wrong with my 1st and 2nd guess.
  17. EhTeam

    What I did this weekend....

    I rode a horse on the beach, and I loved every minute of it.
  18. EhTeam

    God did not create the universe, says Hawking

    CNN: Yahoo full article: intro: LONDON (Reuters) – God did not create the universe and the "Big Bang" was an inevitable consequence of the...
  19. EhTeam

    Career idea?

    career idea? Without looking at that chart for someone, I have always said Math teacher, because they mentioned it once. Wonderful with numbers, and logic in general. They are in the military currently, but are getting out. The college degree pursued will be paid for, but "what...
  20. EhTeam

    4x Birth sign

    How common is it to have your birth sign x 4? Online, through different websites, the blurb given almost seems identical in information, center of attention, stubborn, enjoying finer things. I am almost thinking it might be in my best interest to pay for a chart to be done, to get more...