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    Long term thing?

    I asked a similar question a few weeks before this date. :love:. This guy has venus squared Neptune, he may be romantic or does not keep his promises, he may be a good guy though. Moon inconjunct venus is not good, maybe it is showing lack of deep love or unable to show it. how did it go?
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    Twin flame journey, I am lost

    Hi can you post the synastry and davison composite?
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    Falling in love fast and often

    Ten years to get over someone? Wow. I know a woman who took 8 years to get over someone she dated 8 months, she has libra moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto. I look at aspects first, they are more telling then the actual sign itself. I am the opposite, I fall in love very slow. The older you...
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    I wanted to come back to this as my question probably came to pass. So we decided to commit to one another. I think aquarius7000 was spot on about someone from the past. I don't want to write a novel but years ago I was in a relationship but it ended due to me returning home for a year and a...
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    You asked if I were intetested in someone in the past or from my past? I am not interested in someone from my past. I dated someone briefly last summer but that was one month and went nowhere.
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    No. I casted this chart out of desperation as chrysalis saw, very anxious and down lately hence mars on the asc. No one has showed interest past 3 -4months.
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    Ive done it all, Believe me. Its just not my time yet. But this chart so much reflects me right now lol.
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    I don't find italians attractive , they are not my type so its hard to find available expat men who are in their 30s. When I casted the chart I was thinking more along the lnlines of meeting my future husband and being engaged. What you wrote made me realize chart is talking about me...
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    Yes, I meant stable as enengaged or serious. I think I am pushing it too. I have to take time for things to develop. Thank you.
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    Recently I asked will I finally be in a stable relationship by the end of the year? I think it looks promising. Moon will soon leave Gemini and conjuct 7th ruler of partnership in Cancer. Venus and Moon is in the 3rd House, maybe someone who lives in my city (not a small one I may add). I...
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    Does he miss her?

    I'd say no too. He is Saturn and he is conjunct Jupiter, so he is moving on.
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    Twin Flame Aspects

    I am like waybread. I a very practical; I believe in partners/husbands/wives. I followed (not sure if it was a podcast or interview) an astrologer and he said that the twinflame concept developed in the 70s by some new age hippies, who were basically charlatans. I am amazed how many buy this...
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    Will I be in a serious relationship soon?

    Wanted to update this (I know this is old but this is for those who wants to learn and are interested in outcomes), the querent, as I just found out not too long ago, and her ex reunited and have been together since last September. Not sure about the emotional disappointment Rafaella saw, maybe...
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    Composite VERTEX conjunct composite DC

    This is true. I looked at all my married friends composite and a few celebrities and vertex was either conjunct or in the 7th house...I would say about 90% of the charts I looked at had this. Very interesting. But I wouldn't go buying a wedding dress if I were dating someone and this showed...
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    Keanu Reeves relationships

    Natal with progressions.
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    Keanu Reeves relationships

    Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend and she seems lovely. She is 46 years od old, American artist. I attached his progressed chart and it is interesting because his pre natal SE is activating his pr. Moon which indicates a life changing event and many times a major relationship and this past July SE...
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    Are we over?

    I saw this on a facebook horary group. It reminded me of the original posters many charts of her bf.
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    Are we over?

    You two are both trine Uranus, hence you both are moving on and will be looking forward to new things and maybe new partnerships, as Uranus is in his 7th. Moon will enter Cancer, I think you will feel better and get over him.
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    Why did ex contact me after 10 years

    Maybe he blocked you because his wife saw the message/email he sent you? This happened to me a few times, past lovers reappear and claimed that they regret letting me go, it can be profoundly irritating. Don't look back. Its obvious its his loss.
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    Closer to being with someone?

    There are two former flames around me. One I cannot stand ugh, I loathe him. The other is around but he's depressed, definitely not sure if I want go go there. Thanks raefella. I'll update the board.