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    The Sound Horoscope

    Something interesting to play around with: Sounds best with major aspects only.
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    Ayanamsa Research

    I recently read some of Marc Boney's articles on vedic astrology. He's an excellent teacher and I can only recommend reading his works. However, I've noticed that at times he is taking great liberties in terms of birth time. He says that with the given birth time the chart makes no sense and so...
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    K.N.Rao - "Sermon One"

    A while ago, I came across an interesting opinion on the practice of vedic astrology, which I think is worth sharing...
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    The planets don't influence you

    I just came across this quote from Bashar and I thought many here may find that interesting, so I'll share it here:
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    Donald Trump & Ted Cruz - tropical vs sidereal

    I think this is one of those cases where the sidereal chart explains much better what's going on than the tropical chart. I've attached the tropical and sidereal synastry charts. What we should keep in mind though is that Trump's chart has an A rating, Cruz' chart has only a C rating! So I'll...
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    Donald Trump and Jeb Bush - a typical Leo/Virgo clash

    I usually don't comment on politics, but I think we've got two textbook cases here. I was watching the presidential debates and some talks lately and couldn't help but notice that Donald Trump seemed to be in his element but Jeb Bush more like a fish out of water. The Donald Trump/Jeb Bush...
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    PLUTO: Amazing new HD images from NASA!

    The latest New Horizons Pluto news:
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    Confused about Uranus

    The traditionalists argued in the Pluto threads that Pluto shouldn't be an astrological Planet because: 1) Pluto is just a dwarf planet, much smaller than the traditional planets. 2) We can't see Pluto with the naked eye like the traditional planets. 3) Pluto has just recently been...
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    I'm not new to astrology, and also not new to this terrific website. After studying different approaches to astrology for years, I think it's time now to bring a little structure into what I've gathered so far. So joining you guys just seemed like the next logical step.