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    Sun CONJUNCT Venus

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    Request for Chart Interpretation(s)

    Hello everyone! Back again (and I brought some asteroids with me this time...) hahaha! Looking for some perspectives here. Recently, I've "given up" on pursuing romantc relationships as I find them constricting so what I'm looking to find out here is purely career, money, special gifts and...
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    What challenges/rewards await me in my new Massage Therapy career?

    I've recently completed education and on my way to receiving my license to practice massage therapy here in Florida and I am quite excited to begin this new journey of healing and spiritual growth. I've always been "all over the place" with interests and passions but I've never settled on...
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    Pluto in the 5th House

    Pluto Pluto in the 5th House indicates that the soul, over many lifetimes, is learning about individuality and creativity. At one end of the spectrum of experience available through the 5th House is megalomania, exhibitionism and sexual aggression; at the other is the fulfilment of a creative...
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    Senior member pride day!!!!!

    Happy SENIOR MEMBER PRIDE DAY TO ME! WOOOHOO!!! I've been an active and proud member of this forum since August 2011 and have successfully worked my way up to this stellar title! IM WICKED EXCITED!!!!! :w00t: :love: :biggrin:
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    Does our composite chart show promise, love and good health?

    HOLAS! Hi again... Time to check out my loverrrrawrrrrrr. :love: (Hubba hubba!) Okay enough of that.... Just like I was saying in here: I'm looking to see if he is "The One". Now...let me give you a little bit of...
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    A Beautiful Man?

    Attached is the chart of my first love. Through the years we've been on and off - and I blame it on my impatient moon, young age and inexperience/lack of maturity in love. Truth is: I think he's "perfect" although he has his quirks, like we all do. I've lately found myself a bit envious of...
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    What does "Chart of the Moment" mean/indicate?

    I was playing around with different charts from the astrodienst site and landed on the "CHART OF THE MOMENT" with transits. Is there ANYONE out there that can assist me with the interpretation? At this point in time I am extremely interested in what YOU see immediately within the chart...
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    Mercury Retrograde Transit w/ My Chart (Please help interpret!)

    Hello Everyone and Anyone able to assist me! I've been studyign astrology for some time now and getting more and more advanced as I go. I'm clueless when it comes to transits and progressions. The picture I uploaded is from the astrodienst website and it is the "Pullen - Natal and Transit"...
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    Why cant I stay focused on ANYTHING?!

    Welcome to My Chart! I'm currently going to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (and from what I've been told previously, this isnt a surprise based on my chart data) and I'd like to know if there's anyone out there that see's what I "lack" and what I have a lot of within my chart...
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    Massage Therapy a Wise Choice?

    Recently, I enrolled in a school for Massage Therapy. In April of 2012, I'll be a licensed massage therapist practicing in Florida. I'm fairly confident that this healing career is suitable for me but I'm always wondering how in tune my decisions are within my chart. If anyone can offer some...
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    What kind of music is in my chart?

    I'm curious to know what kinds of things pop out of my chart and interest astrologers the most.
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    Dont bother.

    What do you see?
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    Please help!

    So I selected to review a "progressed chart". When I looked at it it shows a whole different person. Sun, Moon, etc and all of their placements have changed. Is this correct? What does this mean? And are there sites that define the progressed charts for you?
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    I need a keen eye to review my solar return and help me understand.

    I read the Solar Returns on the education board. Its difficult for me, not gonna lie. Is it possible to get a brief undestanding based on what we see here for me? I've attached natal and solar.
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    Taurus Sun/Aries Moon

    Hello! My name is Stefanie. <3 Hey Everyone! How's everyone doing on this glorious day?? Mercury is no longer in retrograde (thankfully) but it's still in its storm, so we're not "out of the woods yet". I'm curious... Besides Salvadore Dali, who out there has similar sign placements as I...
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    Could you explain my CHIRON aspects and what it means?

    I dont know how to define an aspect. (That probably makes no sense.) Could someone tell me what my CHIRON placement/aspects suggest? As always....GREATLY APPRECIATED! -Stefanie <3
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    Two questions

    1.) Does he truly love me? (Yes, I have trust issues which is why I'm asking for unbiased visions.) 2.) Am I happier single?
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    Thoughts/Advice/Wisdom? (RELATIONSHIP)

    It is my honor to present my chart along with the chart of my first love. We always thought it was "no coincidence" that we were born so closely together but in two separate states. We lasted 3 strong years until I broke it off after he asked for my hand in marriage to "explore other options"...