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  1. Arijana

    Cellphone lost!

    Help. Who has my second cellphone and where is it? I think I either left it at my boyfriend house ( but he would have called me if he found a cellphone ) or that I left it in the cab whilst going to my boyfriend.
  2. Arijana

    Urgent!!! Where is it?

    I have lost a receit and it is very important I find it because if I dont I wont get a larger sum of money back :( :( I am really worried I threw it away, my other theory is that I left it in a book.
  3. Arijana

    Fitness instructor

    The question asked is-would I be a good fitness instructor? Ok,so,I have been planning to shift my career and go from stuyding a profession that has to do with travelling to being a professonal fitnes instructor. I am going on the opening exams for a private college in my country it is a...
  4. Arijana

    Bizzare and rude

    text message from my now ex boyfriend. To put a long story short, two nights ago I sent my now ex a sweet kind of lovy text message and I got a response '' Im here with my girlfriend she saw your message she says your wacked and you are'' so basically I went crazy,deleted everything and...
  5. Arijana

    Did this music mogul think I talented even though its not my field?

    Alright,hi everyone. A reallz strange thing happened to me. I was witnesing an audition for singing,actuallly, it was about over. I was not part of it becuase I dont do singing ,I cnat sing,its not that Im tone deaf I have an ok normal voice but not an exemplary singing one,besides acting is my...
  6. Arijana

    am I pregnant?

    Please say I am not...
  7. Arijana

    Up coming saturn-sun trine

    Sun in Gemini, Saturn in Libra.... I thought we could beat the many '' is he into me '' horaries that we are about to get and talk about it. so,what say you about the two? Note,it will be interesting in the end of May when the Moon enters in Aries..
  8. Arijana

    Plutonian..they said he would just cheat Id appreciate some help.... :) is it that bad?
  9. Arijana

    Ex question ( not romantic )

    Thats why its interesting lol... I wrote him a message on a site we used to frequent,asking him to interpret a synastry of mine,which I had with the guy Ive been seeing,since he is a bloddy good astrologer,perhaps the best Ive seen. Normally,I would have never contacted him, in my life,he was...
  10. Arijana

    Has he any remote idea how much he hurt me?

    This is getting a wee bit insane,with his neglecting and then, his exucses how he was in problems and that he will '' tell me about it'' and then me seeing him with another girl and guy in a cofee shop all relaxed and chatting,whilst he doesnt have the time of day to send me a decent ,brave text...
  11. Arijana

    Plutonian composite

    tell me all I need to know :)
  12. Arijana

    Why no reply?

    So I sent someone who is a 7th house person to me, a text message for his birthday and he...didnt reply,which I think is extremely rude so the question is...why no reply?
  13. Arijana


    Am I pregnant?:crying::crying::crying: I already did a pregnancy horary chart months ago,in September,when I thought I was pregnant from my ex boyfriend,even though since then I got my period, and took TWO pregnany tests that were negative,and had no pregnancy symptoms,my tomack has not gotten...
  14. Arijana

    College not going well.... But why?

    I am a bit...confused. I consider myself a very intelligen girl, I exceed in high school in essays,speech, english.history,literature and was considered very gifted in a few fields,especially writting,although my goal was to enroll in the acting academy. I choose hotel management in the last...
  15. Arijana

    Do have enemies on college out fear-jealousy?

    Simple question :) Might be in my head but I doubt it very much.
  16. Arijana

    12th house is the 1st house

    I had an ex boyfriend of mine who was a brilliant astrologer, a brilliant one. U could say one physical detail about yourself and get give you your whole natal chart in detail just like that. Anywho,he had a theory he recently developed, about reading the 12th house like the 1st house,the 11th...
  17. Arijana

    Is he hidding another girl from me?

    Oh wow. Jokes on me So,basically we have been meeting up and meeting up.much more to his insisting than with mine,he teklls me that he adores me,that he misses me,that he needs me,that he wants me next toh him,to some of his friends he even says Im his girlfriend although we are not...
  18. Arijana

    Venus-Mars-Jupiter threesome

    I know every chart is different and that it depends on the context,but Im curious. Ive been seeing a lot of other charts where there are now threesome situations, example,boyfriend is Venus girl is Mars trining jupiter ( she likes someone else) but she really likes Venus as well ( or so say the...
  19. Arijana

    Opinions :)

    This is the synastry with the guy I am seeing now :) and I wanted opinions on our synastry..thanks in avdance to all who take a glance.
  20. Arijana

    Dominant signs and planets

    I was just curious how do you find your dominant sign(s) affecting you vrs your natal sun sign...are dominant signs more important that the Sun sign,making the sun sign the soul but the dominant sign ''paints it'' ?