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  1. aquarius7000

    Will I get a job in the next two months?

    Hi, I would suggest you ask a Horary question. For that you need to ask a straightforward question like - will I get a job in the next 3 months? To create the chart on please use the date, time and place of when the question re the job came to your mind. If you do not recall the...
  2. aquarius7000

    Jullan Assange

    Hi, For some reason, I was looking at Julian Assange's chart yesterday and thought would start a thread here on it. I will be abbreviating the name as JA on this thread. For those that might not be completely familiar with him, here is his Wiki biography His TOB has Rodden Rating B, so I will...
  3. aquarius7000

    Moon-Mars in Aspect

    Hi, Using this as a research thread specifically to understand how the coming together of these two energies plays itself out. Moon and Mars in conjunction will perhaps be the strongest in terms of influence, as compared to an opposition, so if you have a conjunction, it will be especially...
  4. aquarius7000

    Caring and Giving without expecting

    As a believer of Sanatana Dharma, I try to focus on Karam Yoga or doing good deeds to create positive energy. Hence I am placing this thread on the Spirituality forum. The purpose of this thread is to share ideas, your personal experiences, information, links and advice to motivate others to...
  5. aquarius7000

    What are you learning from COVID?

    Hi, There's something positive in everything. So, to see the glass as half full, how would you say has the COVID situation been positively affecting you? For instance, COVID seems to be unifying people even with social distancing instructions in place :lol: I, for instance, have been reading...
  6. aquarius7000

    Clothes for Children

    Hi, I am endeavouring to start a sort of a programme for collecting (decently used) clothes (from friends and co-workers) and then sending them over to countries like India and Bangladesh where there are many street children that could use them. Since posting boxes via USPS or FedEx is quite...
  7. aquarius7000

    Should she ask for a pay raise?

    Not required any longer, hence deleting this thread.
  8. aquarius7000

    Ascendant and Appearance - do they match up?

    Hi all, The purpose of this thread is to gather some data and see whether the question in question actually works: Ascendant and Appearance - do they match up? How is it in your case? So, the two points I am considering here are: 1) Do you look like your Asc. ? 2) Do you come across to...
  9. aquarius7000

    P.T. Barnum: The Greatest Showman

    Hi, I saw the movie: The Greatest Showman (on the life of P. T. Barnum) yesterday. Very entertaining, but I kept thinking that this unique personality, with such an, almost bizarre interest in the macabre or presenting it to the public, of course mostly to make money off of it, must have an...
  10. aquarius7000

    Will I make Astrology into a side profession

    Hi folks, Will I make Astrology into a side profession? That is the question I asked. Now I have had that idea off an on for some time in my mind. It is no secret that I am quite passionate about Astrology and also have a strong sense of clairvoyance. Whilst I have my own (non-astro)...
  11. aquarius7000

    Micky is looking for guidance. Please help

    Hi, This thread is on behalf of the AW member, Micky. He was not able to post it and so I am doing it on his behalf. He would like some general guidance on career, home life, etc, as he has been going thru some rough times. Micky can add to this if he wants. CHART and Micky's birth details...
  12. aquarius7000

    Will I get the job

    Hi, I have a job interview tomorrow (2nd round) and am trying to decipher if I will get the position. The Moon having moved on from its sextile to Saturn, the job, could show that I cleared the first round last week. Venus, I, am dignified in Libra and will sextile Saturn, although much later...
  13. aquarius7000

    Career advice requested

    Hi all, I am studying someone's chart through Western Astrology, and would like to know what Vedic Astrology has to say about it. Anyone wanting the native's birth details, I can PM them. I do not have Vedic Astro software, but I used the MyKundali site to create the attached Lagna and...
  14. aquarius7000

    Assad - Syria

    Hi, Thought it would be interesting to have a look at Assad's chart, though gives no TOB. It is interesting to see that all his personal planets are in aspects to the outer/generational planets (Ura, Nep, Plu). A Sun affected, or should I say afflicted, by Saturn, Uranus and...
  15. aquarius7000

    Will the judge decide in my favour?

    Hi, So, Rose, a work colleague, asked me to check what Astrology has to say about how the imminent legal case will unfold for her. Background: Rose has a rented apartment in NY, and one of her own in Jersey City, where she spends some of her weekends. Her NY landlord has alleged that she does...
  16. aquarius7000

    Interactive Natal-Astro Study - Chart 1

    Hi all, I think it would be interesting to study charts of known people without disclosing the data, so one can study/interpret the chart without any bias and any prior info. I will try to guide and help along the way with whatever I know. We can pick up different areas of life one by one...
  17. aquarius7000

    Astrology-Software Suggestions

    Hi all, I am looking for a new Astrology Software. Just two priorities: - should be easy to use (user friendly) and charts should be clear and convenient to read. - I mainly work with transits, progressions and solar arcs, so should certainly have all these features. Any suggestions...
  18. aquarius7000

    The Positive-Thinking thread

    Hi, Source: Positive Living page @ Facebook :)AQ7 PS: It really helps to start the day and the night, both by saying a Thank You to Him. Try it and notice the difference.
  19. aquarius7000

    Crack the Character in the chart

    Hello, This thread aims at studying neutral charts, which may belong to ordinary or (in some way) extraordinary people. The objective is to show that the same aspect or aspects can produce one-of-the-masses, a saint, or even a monster of a person. PLEASE, if the chart of a popular person...
  20. aquarius7000


    Hi and Namaste, Saw something interesting, so thought would share Hopefully, one day, this creation of God, man, will understand that Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism... are simply various paths to reach Him. Happy Easter and peace across the...