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  1. Spicadilly

    Exam! Outcome Will be known

    The exam is 9th house and outcome MC. We have Moon applying to cj Venus so you will pass and with high grade :smile:
  2. Spicadilly

    When will I start the next contract?

    Hi there, I finished a contract 6 days ago and wonder when will the next one start. Summer is not usually active for recruitment in contracts, it all picks up in September when people are back from holidays. Due to this, I already planned in my head to take 2 weeks staycation to relax then...
  3. Spicadilly

    Will I get the job

    Quite a marathon this was Aquarius, congrats on securing the job! When do you start?
  4. Spicadilly

    Will I get the job

    Monday is close enough, we are waiting with anticipation :biggrin:
  5. Spicadilly

    Will I get the job

    I recently had a VOC Moon before joining my planet for a role. I had to wait ages between talking to the recruiter, agreeing on a rate and interview dates back and forth.
  6. Spicadilly

    Will I get the job

    Congratulations to get through 4 rounds! I hope you get the package you want. Are travel allowances and professional studies part of it? I wonder with 11th ruler cj 9th cusp.
  7. Spicadilly

    When Will I Relocate for a Job?

    You count the number of degrees it takes from Venus to sextile the job and abroad Saturn to know when it will happen.
  8. Spicadilly

    Will I pass the exam?

    I totally forgot to update this thread. I did end up securing my first contract end of November starting 1st December 2014 so yes Moon to Jupiter :happy:
  9. Spicadilly

    Will I get the job

    I would like to think so too Aquarius but next aspect Moon makes is a cj to Jupiter ruler of 12th cj DC, there may be another candidate you are not aware of who will get the job? Considering Saturn likes Jupiter that can fit. Jupiter however has moved on to exalting Saturn. How do we know if...
  10. Spicadilly

    When will i get suitable job?

    Why wouldn't there be a job when we have a classic applying trine between Moon and MC ruler? Maybe this aspect reads in years? Sunrise makes a valid point, the question is on a suitable job rather than any job. In a working life duration, one person doesn't get many suitable maybe a...
  11. Spicadilly

    Have I passed my exams? I'm so worried!! Please read my chart.

    Glad I got it wrong and that looking at AC ruler or Moon to MC ruler doesn't automatically works. Congratulations!
  12. Spicadilly

    Have I passed my exams? I'm so worried!! Please read my chart.

    The exam results is Mercury MC ruler. As you are also Mercury, we give you the Moon instead which has opposed both Mercury and Sun in 10th. Moon next trines Venus which is the course in itself. I don't think you passed but I hope am wrong. Please update us on the 19th.
  13. Spicadilly

    Chance to work in government sector?

    I think it's a yes but after a change and a long gap. Venus will view you favourably once she goes into Aries as she will exalts the Sun. She will apply a trine to AC in something like 12 degrees so weeks or months since all angles are fixed.
  14. Spicadilly

    Would she offer the role again

    Hi there, I am presently in a contract that is bad. Two friends I used to work with last year for the same bank but a different area of the business came to visit last weekend. I explained to them the situation but unfortunately I am not able to leave it financially. Let's call him R who said...
  15. Spicadilly

    Did he meet someone new? :(

    Moon is meeting Jupiter by antiscia so there is something come up happening in the background whether Moon is you here or the other girl, I don't know.
  16. Spicadilly

    When will i get suitable job?

    I agree with Sunrise, job is Sun and Moon applies a trine to it. Also Sun is entering exaltation soon and in the domain of Mars so career is about to get much better. Timing could be 3 weeks or 3 months.
  17. Spicadilly

    Known Answer: Did I Pass the (final) Exam?

    Moon trine Mars the outcome of the exam so you pass. Mars in Taurus, you just about passed it?
  18. Spicadilly

    Help, would I win in court?

    Thread deleted.
  19. Spicadilly

    Help, would I win in court?

    Thread Deleted
  20. Spicadilly

    eHarmony worthwhile?

    I would give the dating website 5th house so Venus who recently entered her exaltation near the MC, a very good site or too good to be true? Venus is also approaching cj to SN which will weaken her. Venus in fall and detriment of Mercury so I don't think that site will give you what you want...