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  1. Spicadilly

    When will I start the next contract?

    Hi there, I finished a contract 6 days ago and wonder when will the next one start. Summer is not usually active for recruitment in contracts, it all picks up in September when people are back from holidays. Due to this, I already planned in my head to take 2 weeks staycation to relax then...
  2. Spicadilly

    Would she offer the role again

    Hi there, I am presently in a contract that is bad. Two friends I used to work with last year for the same bank but a different area of the business came to visit last weekend. I explained to them the situation but unfortunately I am not able to leave it financially. Let's call him R who said...
  3. Spicadilly

    Help, would I win in court?

    Thread Deleted
  4. Spicadilly

    Will I get a role in November

    Hi there, I finished my last contract on 9th of September and have been searching for the next since. The market is very up and down and although I have some savings to live on, I do feel worried. I don't want to apply for benefits. As the end fo the year is approaching and budgets are drying...
  5. Spicadilly

    Will I pass the exam?

    Hi everyone, I have a dilema in reading this chart, it's conflicting but the first thing is people use different significators for the outcome of an exam so I wonder what you guys have used to good effect in the past? This is a course I attended in June and failed by 3 points. I found the...
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    Am I dreaming or there are pop up advertisement pages on the site now? Is it to pay for the forum?
  7. Spicadilly

    Which house for computer?

    Hi there, I want to buy a laptop before the VAT increase in 2 days but which house to assign, would it be 2nd for possession or 3rd for communication tool? Thanks and happy new year everyone!!!
  8. Spicadilly

    Should I look outside?

    Hi there, I've had this chart for a few weeks and get mixed conclusions. I am applying internally and as progress is slow wondering if I would be better off looking for roles outside. I am Moon in 10th and will cj 10th ruler retro so this tells me yes and with delays but as Moon rules the SN...
  9. Spicadilly

    Who gets the Moon?

    Hi, I read that when AC and MC rulers are the same in a job question, one of them gets the Moon but can't find the info anymore, any ideas? Also am curious if the Moon represents quesited or quesitee, then how do we see the situation unfolding since that in a straight forward horary it would...
  10. Spicadilly

    Friend's chart

    Hello I met this lovely girl recently through an assignment abroad. She is into psychic stuff and was curious about her chart. Now that i have made some notes, somehow I don't feel very confident I will give her a lot to go by. She knows am posting. Would you please share your opinions? I will...
  11. Spicadilly

    Missing friend, is she ok?

    A g/f and I are worried about our friend who is abroad. She doesn't reply to emails and her mobile and home phones are switched off. We don't have contact details for her family or other people so we are stuck and worried about her state. Maybe she doesn't want to talk but we want to knwo if at...
  12. Spicadilly

    Will we date?

    Looks like a mix bag. He is in my house showing interest but in detriment and me Mars will cj him in 4 but before that happens Moon H3 will square Mars then Venus. A communication or bumping into each other (we live in the same district) that goes wrong? Pof h4 will trine Mars and Saturn h4...
  13. Spicadilly

    Read thousands of free astrology articles

    I came across this on another forum and it's just amazing so needs spreading!! The guy had this astrologycal magazine "Considerations" for 20 years and because it is so old, publishers won't/can't work with it so Kevin Gilman posted for free online. I read a few magazines and they were 60...
  14. Spicadilly

    Will they offer me a role?

    Hi there, I hesitate how to read this chart because I was interviewed on the day of the chart for a lower position in this team I've been trying to join for the past 2 years. On the day, they told me that a lot of experienced people had been promoted to new teams and so lots of work and not...
  15. Spicadilly

    Which house for budgeting?

    Hi all, I erected a chart to know which necessary things to buy in April. I have quite a few things to buy but unlikely to buy them all in the same month. So which house to assign to know how to spend my budget wisely? Thanks!
  16. Spicadilly

    Is redundancy an option?

    I am in a situation in which I want to leave my present job as it stresses me for different reasons. I would like to start job hunting however my company has had redundancies for the past year and more are coming. I would hate to miss out on the package as I have been there over 10 years. So I...
  17. Spicadilly

    Will the sabbatical request be accepted by the company

    Hi there, There is a bad and ongoing situation at work that is affecting my health and causing me to seriously consider leaving the company to the risk of missing on potential redundancy. Some departments have already been impacted but not mine and no indication yet it will. I would also be...
  18. Spicadilly

    Another which house

    Hi there, Having trouble to assign the right house for this scenario. I want to apply for a paid 3 months sabbatical to my company. Do we assign 7th, 10th or 11th? Rgds
  19. Spicadilly

    Is X a romance for me?

    Hello there! It's my first post here and my first official attempt to read a horary chart. I'll appreciate any feedback you want to give. Question asked on 19th of January 2007 at 18:21, Brighton, UK. Rising 20Cap18 using Regiomontanus system. Background. This guy contacted me online via...