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  1. Moog

    Censorship of 'Esoteric' websites in the UK

    Probably means astrology is on the chopping block. A very shady business. A potentially slippery slope to modern day religious persecution. Petition
  2. Moog

    Harmonic Charts

    Any evidence or suggestion of these, or something resembling them, in the western tradition? Thanks
  3. Moog

    What are you reading?

    I'm currently combing through Dorian Greenbaum's Temperament book. Recently put down 'Instructions in the Elements of the Art of Astrology' by Al Biruni. Both are interesting books. It's kinda nice to put the Vedic stuff away for a little while. Think I might tackle Holden's Rhetorius book...
  4. Moog

    What symbolises Gas?

    I am curriooous By gas, I mean gaseous substances generally.
  5. Moog

    How would you symbolise Class War astrologically?

    I is curioussss
  6. Moog

    Will I pass my Aikido Examination?

    This Thursday I will, barring unfortunate obstacles, be taking my 5th Kyu Aikido exam. My question is, will I pass? Charts; Regio and Equal today.
  7. Moog

    Will my co-worker turn up? (known outcome)

    Full question was 'will my co-worker (*insert name here*) turn up to work today?' What do you think? How would you find a co-worker in the chart? Good predictive practice here.
  8. Moog

    Aspects to houses

    Are planetary aspects to houses considered in western traditions (modern or otherwise?)
  9. Moog

    Iranian Inventor claims to have invented time machine

    Bad news for astrologers
  10. Moog

    What's up with my social life?

    Kinda interesting one. Pick of charts.
  11. Moog

    Will my computer arrive (known outcome)

    I ordered a new laptop a few days ago. On Monday I wondered if it would arrive before I had to go to work that day, so cast the chart. Do you think it did or not?
  12. Moog

    Origin of Minor Aspects

    Thought it might be more efficient to pose a question to my fellow knowledgeable astrologers than trawl google. When did the minor aspects 'arrive' in astrology? What is their origin?
  13. Moog

    Rob Hand books going free

    This could be very old news, I've no idea. But, I was visiting Rob Hand's site to see if I can get a copy of his Whole Sign Houses book. And it turns out that it, and his book on sect, are both being distributed for free now. Whole Sign Houses: The Oldest House System Night and Day; Planetary...
  14. Moog

    If They're Eating Candy, They're Probably Nicer

    Very amusing part of this Cracked article. I happen to have a pretty rubbish Venus, and I rarely eat sweeties. I rarely choose sweet foods over savoury ones. And I wouldn't say I'm horrible, but I'm also not someone you'd call 'sweet', 'fun' or any of the other terms applied in the article...
  15. Moog

    Looking for a word

    I find it very useful and convenient to be able to refer to groups of houses with a single term (i.e. Angles, Trines). There doesn't seem to be a word in western astrological traditions for what the Indians call the dusthanas or trik houses; 6, 8, and 12. I would be pleased to find an English...
  16. Moog

    Combust (moudya) planets question

    Do you feel, or better, have you observed any conditions where combustion is overcome? Particularly, I'm interested in planets in their exaltations or own houses. There is an idea given in some western astrological texts, that planets in these signs are exempt from negative effects from...
  17. Moog

    Universe Sandbox This looks really neat. Check the video. Oooh, pretty It looks sorta like a simulation/game thing, but it looks like it could be educational, and it says it's free for schools, possibly with that aim. Might be nice to...
  18. Moog

    Can you speak Venusian?

    This is great :alien:!
  19. Moog

    Interesting things in the Astro-Databank

    Series of UFO sighting event charts; Neat, right? So now you can research the astrology of UFO sightings. Wondering if anyone's found other cool stuff in the ADB?
  20. Moog

    Why doesn't

    Include the south node on it's charts? It's a pain in the ****. It's very easy to look at a house and forget that it's there. My brain is only so good There seems to be no option to add it in either