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    Horary for beginners - 7 rules

    Arijana, We have a copyright policy on here.We ask you to at least give the source for this information. This thread may also interest you: Thanks Lilly
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    This question is from *isismagdalenne*.I've moved it from the Education Board. ok so Im trying to do a chart, and Im a novice in horary. If the ascendant is cappy, I have a saturn significator, then the 7th house (its a relationship question) is cancer, so I use the moon. But what is confusing...
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    Arabic parts

    (This thread belongs to isis.It was posted on the wrong board) how significant are arabic parts in natal astrology? because mine say REALLY bad things and have me a bit nervous, please anyone that can enlighten me, I am a very nervous person and things like this can really effect my wellbeing...
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    venus retrograde for a business?

    Barb, As we know, Venus is in its detriment in scorpio, as scorpio is ruled by Mars. Venus rules our comforts etc, not just our money. I would not start a business enterprise under a retrograde detrimented Venus. Maybe your friend's decision to wait til March is good at an instinctive level...
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    Please help me!!!

    Dr Farr is right. The ascendant is at 1 degree, so its not the right question to be asking. Both the rulers are in their respective house 5, so that's a possible yes, BUT the two dont aspect one another.So that's a no. Sorry. Lilly
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    Can anyone read my birth chart? - in discovery of myself

    Hi there, Welcome to AW. Before I really look into your chart, I need you to verify that the 12 noon birth time is the correct time. Cheers Lilly
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    will my ex-boyfriend come back?

    why are you saying venus and mars are separating? They are applying. Venus is going to reach mars pretty soon. Well, technically no, because mars is just past a conjunction to Saturn-and venus applies to it (but out of sign).I know the chart shows mars/venus applying but Saturn, the...
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    Happy Birthday R4VEN!

    Same from me, Ra4ven. I hope you have a great year and I really enjoy reading your posts. Cheers Lilly
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    what house to use for home based biz?

    Hi-Wouldn't you turn the chart for this? I'd use h7 for quesited and so h10 would be his turned house of home and what goes on there. If your friend has asked the question, I'd use h4 to represent the home based business. Cheers Lilly
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    Will I ever get married?

    I see the house seven cusp being ruled by Leo-the sun is right there, and applies a trine to jupiter in your third house...Keep an eye out for neighbours or people you meet while travelling. I think the answer to your question is will marry. Cheers Lilly
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    Heavy Question but I'd like your opinion. Does my Husband still love me?

    Hi-Mercury rules *his* second house and also his fourth.Mercury rules AquT's eighth house of shared resources. Mercury is early in the sign of its dignity, and not in a strong position-the moon opposed mercury 4 *somethings* ago..Mercury is in a cadent house. Mercury also rules the husband's...
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    Moon's last aspect shows outcome

    Hi, In this type of astrology, the outer planets are not considered.I have prepared an article for the Ed Board on this topic and will be posting that in a few days. Meanwhile, this article might help you. Cheers Lilly
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    Moon's last aspect shows outcome

    Dr Farr, I agree. The concerned significators also need to be in positive aspect and so do the luminaries to get a good outcome.The last aspect of the moon is one of the indicators, for sure, but certainly not the only one. Cheers Lilly
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    Heavy Question but I'd like your opinion. Does my Husband still love me?

    AquT, The moon is void of course.It's only making separating aspects. Lilly
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    What do I do about my body?

    Hi Marina, Sorry to hear of what you are going through-but I do hate to say this, the chart's not radical.The ascendant is *too late*. I'm also not sure that we can use a chart that has the jupiter/Uranus conjunction right there on your ascendant-not a good indication. To me this suggests you...
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    Heavy Question but I'd like your opinion. Does my Husband still love me?

    AquT, I would have to say no, because Mars changes signs into its detriment before any conjunction occurs. Not to mention that his ruler is already in detriment. The moon is also Void of course, so I would judge this chart not to be radical. His ascendant point is also conjunct Algol. The moon...
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    Clarity Please.

    Hi Munch, I notice you've posted a natal chart, instead of a horary chart cast for the time of your question. If that's what you intended to do then I'll ask a moderator to move this post to Predictive Astrology. Cheers Lilly
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    Matter of 2 minutes - Sun changed signs

    but he isn`t just a friend, more of a mentor, a doting authority figure, which may give him a 9th or 10th house ruler as a significator. In that case h7 cusp is the one to use. And Moon won`t form any squares but with Mars before she leaves the sign. And last aspect she makes is a sextile to...
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    Matter of 2 minutes - Sun changed signs

    Casey-I'd say the answer is a no. The sigs are either jupiter and Mars, as you say he is a friend, or you could use jupiter and mercury. Mercury and Jupiter make no aspects to one another. Mars and Jupiter are applying an opposition to one another. It doesn't matter what the sun is doing, as...
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    electional astrology

    Contributed by Tikana Electional Astrology - When and When NOT to have operations This is a tutorial/guideline on electional astrology involving scheduling surgeries. THIS IS NOT a guideline to postpone or cancel a surgery when your or your loved one’s life is at risk. Proceed with...