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  1. kimbermoon

    Read my chart?

    Indeed, there are numerous indicators that you are receptive to psychic input: The conjunction of Uranus/Neptune in your first house is an indicator of being part of a specialised generation known as the Indigos. Indigo Children - Who Are They? (4 Types Of Indigos And Their Mission)...
  2. kimbermoon

    What is my chart/Saturn return trying to teach me?

    Saturn has been retro since June, and is now ready to turn ‘direct’ again on November 1, where it will adversely affect your Moon, and further emphasize the t-square . The retrograde period allows us time to reconsider and evaluate: to look inward in determining our ‘current state of being’. At...
  3. kimbermoon

    Will my relationships always be difficult?

    I am glad to hear that therapy is helping with some of your internalized issues, for that can be helpful in offsetting the imbalance leftover from the past. In doing the necessary work : - Is there any indication of what having a North Node in the 7th house would promise me in terms of...
  4. kimbermoon

    Will my relationships always be difficult?

    Given the overt polarity between the energies in the chart, finding an appropriate balance in life can be quite daunting. As such, relationships are apt to bring definite challenging for you as a means of bringing you back to center within yourself. In turn the focus of the chart is emphasized...
  5. kimbermoon

    My first Saturn return!

    Regarding the Saturn return : “Whenever Saturn and Lilith are combined there is a drive for inner clarity, but there will also be obstacles. There is an obsession and struggle to bring our shadow self into the light of conscious awareness.”...
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    A Strange Day

    Perhaps I can provide some perspective, as I have had a similar drama play out with my own sister [younger]. We were very different personalities and could seldom find some common ground, which was consistent during our teen years. While my mother was still alive, until 1985, we tried to...
  7. kimbermoon

    Please read my chart, thank you

    We must always consider the polarity involved with the Nodes, showing the contrast and variation between where we are coming from, and where we are set to be going in this lifetime. The Sun identifies primary hints about your highest purposes in life. The Moon shows your emotional orientation...
  8. kimbermoon

    DEMOCRATS WORRIED that Joe BIDEN TOO FEEBLE lacks mental alertness to TAKE ON TRUMP

    00Ps mispelled annihilation bad
  9. kimbermoon

    DEMOCRATS WORRIED that Joe BIDEN TOO FEEBLE lacks mental alertness to TAKE ON TRUMP

    I am worried that the voters will somehow be bamboozled into voting once again for such a narsaccistic, tyrannical, egotistical, dictatorial, oppressive dominating leader whose fraternity is pulling the wool over the eyes of the people...seems like we never learned from Hitler; but then perhaps...
  10. kimbermoon

    Pluto opposite Moon/ Pluto Conjunct Venus/ Mars Venus DW

    Indeed this is a very dynamic chart. The connection of Pluto between the charts does indicate that patterns from the past [or karmic, perhaps] are rising up in this current relationship, and typically these can be hidden within the individual’s psyches but can’t be ignored. What would...
  11. kimbermoon

    Read My Chart

    With your planetary energies primarily activated in the upper half of the chart, these areas will be predominantly focused in this lifetime. That crowded 8th H does suggest that the ‘sharing of your resources’ will be central to your life in some way. While it does relate to deep psychological...
  12. kimbermoon

    What condition is my ascendant in?

    Afflictions to the Ascendant show potential difficulties you may have in expressing yourself realistically to others: it is about how you project yourself into the outer world, while the Descendant, by polarity, shows how others respond to you socially, in relationships and business. The...
  13. kimbermoon

    Is he a karmic partner ??? sure feels like it

    Re: I think i’ve found my first karmic partner I would first inquire into the condition of neptune in the charts, especially with Mercury...could there be a component of deception or trickery here...?
  14. kimbermoon

    Neptune and pisces house

    Indeed the Moon represents patterns of response that are typically stored in the subconscious and unless we are familiarized with our inner dialogues, our responses to things are often quite spontaneous and prone to irregularity. The connection with Mercury suggests that you may be highly...
  15. kimbermoon

    Neptune and pisces house

    Indeed Neptune has a significant influence in your life as it is involved in a rather paradoxical configuration in the chart. The opposition with Mercury forms the backbone of a ‘kite pattern’ which also involves a Grand Trine and a Partial Grand Sextile. So while you have a distinct...
  16. kimbermoon

    Constant delays in progress... is there any good news?

    We must consider that retrograde motion is in play for all the outer planets, at this time, however with Jupiter also being included, the hope for progress has a hard time allowing for consistent progress at this time. Retrograde periods of any planet will hinder or throw blocks in the way...
  17. kimbermoon

    Constant delays in progress... is there any good news?

    First I would note that the energies are largely concentrated in the Southeastern quadrant in the chart, which tells much about your overall destiny in life: the suggestion being that you are more of a self-oriented and self-motivated individual, with less reliance on others in the pursuit of...
  18. kimbermoon

    In need of guidance/What stands out about my chart to you?

    At the top of your chart we find the North Node/9th H/ Sagittarius,which initially suggests careers relating to either education or the law. Combined with Uranus conjunct Neptune at the MC, this implies “an acute mental and social sensitivity connected to an intuitive imaginative faculty...
  19. kimbermoon

    First Saturn return in 8th house

    When Saturn comes to the Return phase, it will be a culmination of the road you have travelled to this point in your life. You might get some insight into what to expect if you can recall what sort of challenges you experienced around the age of 15 when Saturn opposed itself in the 2nd H. At...
  20. kimbermoon

    Solar return in the year of University exam. Will I enter the University I want?

    Re: I have 4th house dominant in a solar return? What does it mean With such a strong emphasis in your 4th House, this is suggestive that there are apt to be significant changes relating to your familial connections and how you have been affected by them in your past. The Capricorn influence...