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    UK referendom on EU membership

    I wonder if anyone is interested in this.I have an old software program which will give a prediction on any given date and time for a personal horoscope.It contains a chart for England the country among many for famous people. I brought up England's chart for the day of the vote 23rd June. This...
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    Lost Cat

    I wonder if there is anyone who could help me with this.My daughter has lost her cat,he jumped from the balcony of her 1st floor flat on 15th Jan.Trouble is this is not his permanent home which is 25miles away in a house and garden.So he must have been pretty much lost straight away.He was first...
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    Lost amethyst ring

    Not being experienced in Horary I have had a go at interpreting a chart or at least picking out bits from it and wondered if any of you more knowledgable people might have a look at it and see what you think. I set the chart for the time and date when I first looked for the ring and found it...
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    Did my Grandson scratch the computer screen?

    Don't have experience with horary,but I will attempt what I can and hope someone will be able to help me out.I will give the most important info as I'm not sure chart posting will work. My Grandson age 9 was on his own trying to turn the computer on but as we had changed things around a bit he...
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    relationships and marriage between opposite sun signs

    What do other people who are opposite sun signs to their long term partners or spouses think of their particular astrological pairings,or those who have tried in the shorter term an opposite relationship and found it didn't work. I remember a long while ago Russell Grant who I have great...
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    mother's new bathroom

    Hi there anyone can you help me figure out something which has puzzled me for a while.An astrologer friend looked at my son's chart and told him his mother was having a new bathroom.uncannily this was quite true as I was having a new bathroom fitted at the time.What could it be that she saw in...
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    computer software programs

    Hi ,is there anyone who could recommend a good computer software program to help me with chart interpretations? I only have a very basic knowledge of astrology although interested in it for some time. I already have the Lyn Birkbeck cd rom 'the instant astrologer' which has been helpful but...
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    Hi there,glad to have found this community.An Aries born on the cusp 21/3 does this mean anything?moon capricorn rising sag.Always have been interested in Astrology and want to learn more than my already basic knowledge.,particularly relationships and understanding transits.,