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  1. Skywomb

    Traveling to Japan? Complete reversal of the houses

    [moved hijacking post into its own thread - Moderator] OK, so this got it's own thread right away! Any thoughts? :-) Japan seems like an interesting place for me... I get my ascendant right opposite to what I have now basically... So a smackfull 7th house, Jupiter in 3rd etc etc... venus in...
  2. Skywomb

    read my chart

    Well actually, it looks rather alright I suppose... ;) And I bet you are right anyway greybeard, and if nothing else astrotheme sometimes bugs so you get a totally whacked chart (rarely). Quite hard anyho' to take a picture from astrotheme and put it here.
  3. Skywomb

    Well a Scorpittarius...that just wanted to say "Hi"

    So hello everyone, new-age hippies and everyone else! I do not care wich you are! ;-) I've been studying astrology basically on my own, and by that I mean mostly just contemplating various archetypes a lot in various ways and thinking about them (all mostly in a very everyday kinda way...